Cheyenne's Shower!

We LOVE these two, so much in fact that we got engaged on the same day as them. I was so excited to get to throw a shower for Cheyenne because I can't wait for her to be part of our family! She and Chris met when they were fifteen at EFY in San Antonio. Cheyenne was seriously the envy of all the girls at EFY that week, I openly admit it. She got chosen to be the MC at the Variety Show and everything. Yeah, thats a big deal. So they've grown up a little since then but she is still so much fun, I absolutely love this girl. She will make you laugh no matter who you are and she is always so genuine and friendly,I am so excited Chris found such an amazing girl!

Invitations and food (Thanks to Patti for the adorable fruit arrangement!)

Heather made all the games for the night, she did such a great job! Chris came over and made a video for us where he told us his and Cheyenne's love story and why he is so excited to marry her. We played a cute game of memory and watched a slide show of the past year of them dating, they are hilarious and usually incapable of taking a normal picture. You'd never know it from their wedding invitation, but its true! Then we got on to the good stuff:

Enough said.

I couldn't be happier for my cousin and his sweet fiance, they are completely perfect for each other and there is never a dull moment with these two around. Can't wait for you to join the ranks of us old married couples, we love yall!!!


  1. You're cute and it was so fun doing that with you! We do love CHEY! Thanks for visiting today darling girl!! LOVE YOU!

  2. I just love you and Heather to death! Yall are so amazing and the shower couldn't have been more perfect :) Thanks for all of your hard work! You two are wonderful!


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