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The kids spent a week at my mom’s house so I could further extend my recovery- I’m telling you this is the way to have a baby- so Evan and I decided to drive out to pick them up. We were super excited about the trip but about halfway through the 10 hour drive Evan’s bulging disc really started acting up. I was napping and woke up to find he was stopping literally every 20 minutes to go to the bathroom, lost control of his bladder and couldn’t hold it. We called his brother right away to see what we should do and there was a general consensus we needed to go in to the Emergency Room to make sure it wasn’t Cauda Equina Syndrome which can cause paralysis. Of course we were out in the middle of farm country Pennsylvania so it was a long scary drive to Jefferson Memorial Hospital but we had the greatest support once we got there. My dad and his friend met us to give Evan a blessing and it was such a comfort to know we were at the best hospital in the world for spine surgery if he did end …

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