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Vivian Faith Fox

Vivian's birthday was pretty magical. It was the night before my due date and I had literally convinced myself that she would never come, that I might actually not even be pregnant. Turns out I was! I started having contractions at 9:45 PM while chatting with my Grandma on the phone- she's my hero and birthed nine children, so I think she was my good luck charm. The contractions were painful, like cramps, but sporadic, 10-15 minutes apart and not anything like I remembered them feeling with Winston (he was all back labor) so I wasn't sure it was the real deal. I kept thinking they were just Braxton Hicks and that they would stop so I should just go to sleep. I could lay in bed and breath through the contractions for a while, and then got in the shower for a while where they went to 1-3 minutes apart but then when I got out they slowed back down to every 7-8 minutes. I was so confused! We had previously arranged with our neighbors (bless them!!!!) that they would watch ou…

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