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High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder

Several weeks ago we finished a year long process of therapy and testing and interviews and all the hoop jumping which landed us with this diagnosis: High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder. I was honestly very surprised with the diagnosis- my limited knowledge of Autism made me think of children who didn't speak or play with other kids. I had pretty well convinced myself that Winston was ADHD so I dismissed it when the pre-screening therapist mentioned it was a possibility. In the month that has followed my research looking through this lens has helped me make sense of so many behaviors that I have questioned over the years that I am ready to claim it. Its been an interesting process. The book I'm reading right now- Uniquely Human: A different way of seeing Autism by Barry M. Prizant is such a beautiful explanation. It's a positive look at the spectrum- its not a disease to be cured. He explored the neurology and the why behind the behaviors. There are two stories that …

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