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Our Halloween celebrations stretched themselves out over a full two months, that's getting some serious mileage out of those costumes right? We had Winston's preschool parade, backwards trick or treating at a nursing home with our play group, Cosette's Joy School parade and performance, a church Trunk or Treat, and then actual Halloween. Whew! I was really grateful no one's costume involved face paint. I think my favorite moment of it all was carving our pumpkin and hearing Cosette serenade us with spooky songs and Winston's killer dance moves to Thriller. I handed out glow sticks at the church trunk or treat and little cups of hot chocolate on actual Halloween because I'm one of those moms who just gets so sick of too much candy! I read an article by a dietician this year though about how to manage it and I loved what she had to say: on Halloween and the day after, let them go crazy and eat all they want. After that, candy may be eaten after meals and during …

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