Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Cosette: 2 1/2

Every single day Evan and I look at each other and say- she is the cutest thing that has ever happened. Cosette is definitely getting sassier as she grows but she is still such a blessing to have in our home. She has some killer dance moves, a tiny Minnie Mouse voice that makes you give in to any and all demands, and she talks non-stop. Every nap time and bed time she asks me, "Can you snug me?" (snuggle) and I give in 9 times out of 10. She helps me make breakfast and dinner every single day and spends a ton of time in her own play kitchen. She adores Minnie Mouse more than anyone else on the planet and will usually only get dressed if she appears somewhere on her clothes. In November we potty trained and she was killing it for about 6 weeks but then when we went to California she decided- nah I'm over it and had 6 accidents a day for a solid week. I didn't want to be angry and fight with her all over Christmas break so we are back in pull-ups and will have to have a re-training session sometime in the next 10 weeks before baby sister arrives on the scene. Cosette loves to paint, tells everyone her favorite colors are pink and purple, and would give anything for a cupcake. She adores her big brother and is improving in the play date arena as well. She loves nursery because she gets to play with playdough and sing songs with her buddy Crew. She loves to give kisses, still calls the swing set her "birthday swing", and constantly wants her nails painted purple with sparkles. She is most often found putting random objects on her head, calling it a birthday hat, and singing "you've had a birthday shout hooray!". We adore this girl to no end. One of my assignments for my photography class was to follow and photograph something for an entire day- so of course I chose my sidekick.

29 lbs
Size 2T-3T

President's Day Weekend Visitors!

Three of my most favorite people came to visit us this weekend and we felt so loved! Heather flew in Thursday afternoon and Mom and Sami finally made it around 11:30 that night by way of Chicago. We didn't have a whole lot on the agenda- besides catching up and enjoying each other. Sami is 17 and in the thick of junior year of high school- I swear 17 was the worst year of my life and hearing her high school drama lately brings back my own anxiety and angst that was 2006. Hopefully she felt a little refreshed getting to see what lies ahead for her- so much happiness! We got to show them around Purdue campus, try out some crazy D.T. Kirby's burgers (pretzel bun for the win) plus the world's largest Pac Man game next door, and play a ton of baseball with Winston. The weather was spectacular for February which was the best surprise. This Fox family oddly enough still hadn't ventured into Indianapolis at all, so Heather and the kids and I spent the morning exploring downtown before her flight left Monday. After living in Indiana for 6 months and really feeling settled, it was such a pleasure to get to show my favorite girls the sweet, simple, life we have going on here. It brings us a whole lotta joy and even more when we get to share it!

Sunday, February 5, 2017


I have been taking an online photography class and a few things are apparent to me...  one: it is totally worth taking a class to learn how to use manual, and two: I need a lot more practice! My kids are kind of over being my models so I may start recruiting people who will let me practice- if you'd love some free amateur pictures taken of you let me know!

Thursday, February 2, 2017


So I have been a 100% "Stay At Home Mom" for about 8 months now and it took me a while to fully grasp the concept due to a cross country move and Evan's job change, but I think I've finally got it figured out.  As far as I can tell, here's what "SAHM" actually stands for:

*Selfie Advocating Hustler/ Marketer
When you become a stay at home mom, your phone space will be consumed by pictures of your children and your social media feeds will be consumed by Multi level marketing Schemes. Lularoe, Lipsense, Younique, Mary Kay, Scentsy, Usborne books, there are just a plethora of dare we say unnecessary products to choose from? Get ready to Facebook party like never before.

* Sweats, Athletic-wear, & House-robe Model
Runway shows on the daily- by invitation only with special appearances for those unlucky solicitors and delivery people who knock on my door before 2 PM.

*Small Anatomy and Heartache Medic
It's truly impressive the ways they find to injure themselves, all the calamities just cannot be avoided! However they could be decreased if I could remember to cut their damn fingernails once in a while...

*Semi Adept Husband Masseuse
Why can I scrub out the laundry stains and the crusty dishes all day long, but suddenly cramp up after five minutes of pushing on his trapezius?

*Stuffed Animal Herding Machine
Can someone please start a go fund me account for the secret removal and incineration of all unloved plush toys? The hamper, the hammock, and the bunk beds have no more vacancies.

*Snack And Health-food Magician
Can I offer you a kale-chia-seed-quinoa-beet popsicle? Just kidding have some more gold fish and fruit snacks.

* Softcover And Hardcover Mechanic
Somehow I never foresaw taping quite so many pages back together...

*Snuggle, Affection, & Healing Minister
Don't you dare turn down a 2 year olds "hold you?"

*Silly Anthems Harmonizer/Musician
Is anyone else's child unable to wash her hair without a theme song?

*Slightly Apathetic House Maid
I mean... I could clean it now that they're sleeping...but then who would watch this episode of The Crown...

*Sunshine And Happiness Maker
Okay let's see... pillow fight, couch cushion fort, watercolors, bubble battles... oh and yep it's still raining outside.

*Stray And Hidden-item Master
Blast you tiny Lego man sword!

*Small Adorable Human Manufacturer
It seems I came with narcissistic hard-wiring, but I can't help the obsession with seeing my own face in miniature form and must continue to reproduce.  But seriously I only need like three more....

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A January Toast

 Cheers to the end of a very gray January!
 I'm raising my Stephen's Smore's hot chocolate filled mug and toasting to:
my kids yelling "Traintracks! Railroad!" every time we drive over the crossing (they didn't name 'em the Boilermakers for nothin...)
my neighborhood Bunco ladies staying until nearly 1 AM
no longer having purple walls in my master bathroom
never having to shovel our driveway- the entire month
baby girl kicking like crazy during my nightly Netflix binges
surprise visits and packages from grandparents
prenatal workout videos on youtube
 finally figuring out the coupon app for my local grocery store 
the way Winston and Cosette tackle/hug each other as they reunite at his preschool pickups
A sneaky 45 minute Starbucks "date" with my busy Mister

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Winston: 4 years (+2 months)

 I am really enjoying this stage with Winston. He has finally grasped a few of the concepts I have been chanting like a madwoman over the past 12 months- "use your words" most specifically. Not mastered the concept by any stretch of the imagination- but grasped it which is a gigantic relief. His imagination is exploding with possibilities, he spends hours "fighting bad guys" and corrals Cosette into his antics as often as she'll allow. Basketball is still a daily activity as well. This kid thrives on routines and we must have a banana, a bowl of oatmeal, and a scrambled egg every single morning for breakfast to start the day off right. A big change we made last fall was eliminating screen time from our lives as much as possible. We now have Friday night movie nights and the rest of the week screen time is kept to an absolute minimum. This has really helped with his addictive and violent behavior patterns and really allowed his creativity to blossom. I am fairly certain Winston has a photographic memory as he memorizes every logo he has ever seen and loves to memorize and then recognize words on signs. He would spend hours on the couch with me every day reading books if he had his choice, and continues to be very social requiring play dates as often as possible. Thankfully he is still napping daily and I am savoring it because I know my days are numbered! Dad is his absolute hero and obsession so we have starting doing Father/Son dates since Evan is currently swamped and not around to play as much as he would like. He struggles with anxiety and intense emotions but they're also what bring him (and us) so much joy so we are working through it. He and Cosette spend hours danging to music every day, their current favorite is the soundtrack from Disney's Moana. We read the Book of Mormon as a family together every morning and Winston insists on having his book open to a picture of Nephi with Laban's sword, no matter what we are reading about. He loves babies and is very sweet with them when they are around so I am excited to see him get another shot at being a big brother.

Favorite things: legos (building lego guns more specifically), swords, basketball
Size: 4T-5T
Weight: 39 lbs
Favorite Primary Song: Nephi's Courage
His Current Goal: to earn enough allowance to buy a potato gun
Best recent quote: "Mom, when I turn five can I get a motor boat?"