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2017 Book List

1. The Magnolia Story- I am a huge fan of this Gaines couple, not in the sense that I follow everything that they do (I have only seen a handful of episodes of their show- although I did love them!) just in that I like who they are as people. I think the empire they have created is really cool, they create beautiful spaces,  but more importantly they have done it while still focusing on whats most important, God and their family. I really admire them for not caving to pressure to change their beliefs based on what is popular with the media even though they are in the spotlight. This was a fun quick read and I'd totally recommend it for a beach book!

2 Essentialism: The Disciplined Art of Pursuing Less- I read this book at a time where I felt like everyone I knew was joining an MLM or working some kind of side hustle and I was inside a game of musical chairs for mommy businesses, hurry pick a seat before the music stops! This book helped reiterate to me a choice I have to conscious…

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