Friday, April 21, 2017


We started off our Easter celebrations with a week of "special scripture study" where we learned about what happened each day of the Holy Week and watched a Bible Video of the corresponding day in Christ's life. On Friday I found this cross stuck in the couch that Winston had built- he was annoyed that we didn't have a lego Jesus to put on there but said "It's okay, I could use my foot soldier. He can die." Seriously children are the funniest.
 Our cute friends threw an Easter Egg hunt in their backyard on Saturday and the weather was finally perfect! My kids weren't too into finding eggs but they were definitely into eating what came inside each and every one. Luckily they were only allowed ten eggs anyway so I let them have at it. 10 packs of skittles in one day isn't too much sugar is it?

 The obligatory egg dying tradition... also really had to talk them into this. Good thing dad likes hard boiled eggs otherwise we would skip it all together. I was super excited to try out my Easter basket idea- wrapping each item in a scripture. The kids got flashlights and goggles and water bottles so I found scriptures to go along with what was inside each package and we read them all aloud as we opened. I loved it! This tradition is a keeper, a perfect marriage between the fun of the spring themed holiday while remembering the whole focus of our Savior Jesus Christ.

 Cuties in their new church clothes Mimi sent! It's been an interesting thing to celebrate so many special occasions with just our little family. Birthdays, Valentine's, Easter, all things we normally have had tons of family around for in Utah have shrunken down to just the four of us. I sure missed being at Grandma's dinner Easter Sunday but I also think its good for our family to grow this way. Plus I finally had to give in and make Evan mashed potatoes so there's that.


For the last 6 months I have been in charge of planning a weekly play date for the group of kids from the ward ages 5 and under. It has given me a great opportunity to figure out all there is to do in West Lafayette and allowed me and the kids to make some great friends! I am not sad to pass the baton this month as we get ready to focus on a new baby but I also wouldn't turn down the chance to do it again once I come out of the newborn fog. Just a few of the fun things we've done included: 

Pumpkin Patch festivities
Hikes in Celery Bog
Halloween party
Making Marshmallow turkeys 
Coloring at the nursing home
Touring a local Candy Factory and making our own candy canes
Touring the local fire station
Valentine's party
Exploring the Purdue airport

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


We are slowly but surely hacking away at our Midwest hit list, one city at a time. Chicago honestly hasn't been my top priority, I have heard many cool things about it, but also a few discouraging things like that it has more murders annually than New York and LA combined. YIKES! I was understandably hesitant. Kara flew out to see us for her spring break because she's a gem and it was WAY cheaper to fly to Chicago than to Indy so the timing was perfect and we planned to start her week off with a bang. I had a handful of points leftover on our airline credit card that made our California trip possible last Christmas so I wanted a hotel room for all of us with free breakfast and a pool for a tiny tiny price. Let's just say the Best Western we ended up at reinforced the lesson I already learned in Cleveland... with hotels, you get what you pay for. Luckily we only needed it for the one night because we had a party to get to! 

After a good amount of research our final itenerary included:

Cloud Gate (AKA "The Bean") & Millennium Park
Portillos Hot dogs and Chocolate Cake
Navy Pier
Dylan's Candy Shop
The Architectural Boat Tour
Giordano's Pizza

I have to say this is one of my very favorite cities we have been to. I could have stayed at that playground alone the entire day! The city seemed very tourist friendly- everything we wanted to see was within walking distance, although after trucking it 9.1 miles by the end of the day and my 9 month pregnant pelvis was a little bit resistant. The food was amazing, we hit the jackpot on weather, and the boat ride was truly fascinating. I can't wait to get back here and explore more.