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A Day of Details

 I wake up early enough to squeeze in a little scripture study before my walk. I end up in 1 Nephi 17 for the millionth time and ponder about Nephi's family camping on the seashore- imagining them not knowing when its time to cross the sea or what's ahead. As we continue to wait on an official job offer from AstraZenica I couldn't relate more. I head out on a 6 am walk up with Jacqueline and we discuss stake conference over the weekend and Elder Holland's BYU address which sparked so much controversy around LGBTQ issues and continue to work out our idea of a women's scripture study group. I have been so lazy about exercise lately but starting the day with endorphins PLUS adult interaction is a sure fire way for it to turn out well. Evan is attending a conference today and leaves early rather than working from home so the morning rush is particularly crazy but at least it's pizza day in the school cafeteria so I can skip packing lunch boxes! Driving on the way to

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