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Vivian 7 months

This little lady is just the sunshine in our home. People often ask me- Does she ever cry? I've never heard her upset? Well yes she does, and when she does it is LOUD, but she is happiest when she's out and about and can see everything that is going on around her. She will not ever let you hold her against your chest she always has to be facing out.  She is incredibly strong, I don't remember either of my other babies able to grip so tight or or arch anything like does. She's got these gorgeous blue eyes and fiery red hair and a very easy smile. She is speeding through all her stages way too fast for me, she rolled over on the day she turned 3 months old and has never laid on her back since. She started rocking on her hands and knees at 6 months and crawling by 7. She wasn't a fabulous sleeper, still waking up to eat 3 times a night to eat which gave her the giant chubby legs we adore. She's now in her closet nursery so at least we've cut it down to one nig…

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