A Day of Details

 I wake up early enough to squeeze in a little scripture study before my walk. I end up in 1 Nephi 17 for the millionth time and ponder about Nephi's family camping on the seashore- imagining them not knowing when its time to cross the sea or what's ahead. As we continue to wait on an official job offer from AstraZenica I couldn't relate more. I head out on a 6 am walk up with Jacqueline and we discuss stake conference over the weekend and Elder Holland's BYU address which sparked so much controversy around LGBTQ issues and continue to work out our idea of a women's scripture study group. I have been so lazy about exercise lately but starting the day with endorphins PLUS adult interaction is a sure fire way for it to turn out well. Evan is attending a conference today and leaves early rather than working from home so the morning rush is particularly crazy but at least it's pizza day in the school cafeteria so I can skip packing lunch boxes! Driving on the way to school Winston and Cosette are bickering again in the backseat so I pull over into a random parking lot and practice my homework from our parenting class- "the positive opposite." My phrase is "being kind is more important than being on time" and we wait in the parking lot until they can straighten out their issues. It totally works! Winston changes his attitude and we actually make it to Wasatch Peak Academy before the bell rings despite our delay. Then Noelle, Vivian and I head back home to clean up the kitchen, get dressed, and head out on our own adventure for the day. Evan leaves on his backpacking trip with his childhood friends tomorrow and I've been assigned to drive down to Grandma's house where we are storing our tent trailer and dig out some gear from the camping boxes he will need. First stop is the dog park where we are becoming semi regulars with the 9 am crew. After getting Ranger just exhausted enough to cooperate for the day we get back on the road and head to Alpine. We're in a hybrid rental mini van while our car is in the shop-I am enjoying it enormously now that my Suburban costs over $100 in gas every time I fill up. I never called Grandma to warn her we were coming so its fun to surprise her and just show up. The girls make a beeline for the lincoln logs in the basement while Ranger and I head to the trailer to see what I can do. The cover is literally crawling with Daddy Long Legs and I laugh imagining Evan's reaction to the spiders. Ranger heads off to chase deer through the arboretum as I struggle through all the tent trailer steps I have seen Evan perform many times now- he makes it look much easier but I manage. Back inside the house I find Grandma moving toys out of the closet under the stairs- she is starting construction on her house this week to put in a basement kitchen and needs some things rearranged for the plumber. It's Kirsten's day off so we tag team the boxes and then Kirsten makes macaroni and cheese for my girls for lunch while I help Grandma with another closet full of empty suitcases and abandoned sewing project materials. As we double check the toy closet one last time to be sure its ready, I notice a box on the top left shelf that is labeled "Dorothy and Ella V's Wedding dresses." I'm instantly thrilled and we take it down to admire them. Grandma offers me the dresses but all I can think is how excited Sami will be to see these! I pull out the life history books of Ella V and Dorothy to see if I can find a picture of them in their gowns, Dorothy has one I'm very familiar with but Ella V doesn't have a photo in hers. Instead she wrote a story about how upset she was that her mother made the dress with long sleeves when she had specifically asked for short, until she got to the temple to be sealed and realized why. All at once I get an idea that I want to try on the dress and with Grandmas help I finally make it in, Dorothy was a small lady but it fits! The silk and lace are so fragile but its in amazing condition considering its from 1933. There is something powerful about being in it- an absolute connection to the past and my family history. It has yellowed significantly over time so we try soaking a seam of it in oxyclean to see if we can get it white again but have no success. It fills me with joy for the rest of the day and I seriously contemplate re downloading Instagram just to post about it- but then think better of it and just text it to my family and Meghan instead. I chat with Grandma for another hour or so and then corral the girls and dog back into the car, post ice cream sandwiches of course, to pick up the kids from school. They fall asleep on the ride home and I wish I could join them. When Winston gets in he is so excited to tell me about his behavioral chart- he has earned 88% positive behavior today! He requests a Dr. Pepper as a reward and I am thrilled to oblige- although it will require a dedicated trip to the grocery store since I never buy soda. Later I throw together some grilled chicken, veggies, and rice concoction for dinner which is rather sub par but the kids must be starving because they eat their full bowls.  Cosette and Vivian both have soccer practice tonight- same time different fields so we divide and conquer. I beg a ride home for Vivian from her coach and then head to my meeting with my Relief Society Presidency and the Elders Quorum Presidency so we can start to brainstorm our joint lesson coming up. Bishop asked us to teach about the expanded roles we have and things we are now responsible for that Bishops had taken care of in the past. All the talk of moving to PA in the past couple weeks has made it difficult for me to focus on my responsibilities in this calling and it feels good to receive impressions during our discussion. Afterwards I come home and spend the evening helping Evan and Tony organize dehydrated meals and sort through supplies making sure they are prepared. Luckily I've got some left over Health Bar cookie dough in the fridge so that helps us push through. By 10 pm I turn into a pumpkin and crash before Evan comes to bed.