The Fox Family

1. The whole Fox Family
2. Christian and Sarah and family who we live with, we love it! I especially love when we get to babysit, it makes me feel like I'm back at home in my crazy house full of siblings, so fun! When was the last time you climbed inside of a dryer to win a round of hide and go seek? And Emma will play scrabble with me even though Evan refuses. Despite her screaming face in this picture... Eliza is actually and angel.
3.The Fox siblings..I just love this picture :)
4. Amy and John and family
5. Brandon and Brittany and family, read about them here!
6. Me and Ev


  1. LOVE!! LOVE LOVE!! The one of them laughing is darling! :) You are mostly beautiful and I am liking Evan's hair long.


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