"Happiness is an inside job."

I have two addictions in life. Running and chocolate. Luckily one counteracts the other. However both of these things are where all my profound thoughts are inspired from. Running because my ipod is currently broken and I am forced to think for very long periods of time instead of listening to Jay Sean blaring in my ears so I have some way distract myself from the freezing cold. And chocolate because I buy Dove Promises and they have little fortunes inside the wrapper. Evan laughs every single time we go to Wamart to buy the food we "need" and I put my dark chocolates in the cart. But trust me its a need. And besides, when I go to bed early and he thinks I'm asleep, I can still hear the little wrapper crinkle as he sneaks into the freezer to get one. So obviously he doesn't totally disapprove.

Normally the thoughts inside the wrapper are much more cliche, like "dance like no one's watching" but when I read this one it really stuck out to me. Happiness is an inside job. So many times growing up I would tell my dad, "I just want to skip this part of my life, I just want to skip being thirteen so I can go to the stake dances (ha), I just want to skip high school and go to BYU, blah blah blah." But he is oh so wise and would remind me that if that were possible I would skip everything. There is ALWAYS something hard in your life. Whether its school, or financial concerns, or loneliness, or a job you don't like, family issues, whatever it is. Its always something. So instead of looking for everything outside of you to bring you happiness, you have to create it. Its an inside job. I loved that thought. Thanks Dove :)


  1. LOVE! I had all these same thoughts in church today so I was very happy to read your thoughts. I sure like you...well, LOVE you (and Dove dark choc.)


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