My birthday was pretty low key this year, I had eleven hours of class that day so we just celebrated with a little family dinner afterwards and then my sweet friend Tayler made a delicious cake and had a little party with our friends. Thank you to my wonderful family and friends for all the birthday wishes and gifts, you are the best! And a special thank you to my husband for all the birthday treats, especially the yellow roses, 22 of them! Yellow roses traditionally symbolize friendship, but they have always been my favorite. Well only because no one sells bluebonnets. But he figured that out really quickly and has spoiled me with them ever since!

This is the first bouquet he ever gave me, it was the day after we had broken up and he dropped them off with the sweetest note you have ever read about how much he enjoyed getting to know me and how wonderful I am. Yeah, I slept with them that night. Heather took this shot after I was long gone, can you tell I missed him?? And here is my birthday bouquet with another heartwarming note, I had to document his skills for poetry:


Words cannot express what thou meanest to me. Your radiant glowing smile is only compared to the blossoming sunflowers on a warm summers day. The intelligence you possess dwarfs the petty discoveries of Einstein. Your spirituality drifts from you softly and is only equal to Tibetan monks basking high in the forsaken Himalayan mountains. Your seductive green eyes and stunning hair put the effects of Medusa's hair to shame. The kindness and gentleness found in your touch is seen only in the eyes of a young toddler saying I love you to daddy after her first bedtime story. Julia Child looks upon her cooking like that found in a soup kitchen when eating your succulent food. Your beauty defeats those of all other girls...ever

Happy B Day Sugar Shorts...I love you


  1. well shoot, happy birthday. Any card that can somehow manage to fit both Tibetan monks AND Julia Child in it has my vote.

  2. Wow.. I really enjoyed reading that. The first picture with you and the roses made me sad. Im glad you ended up marrying the cute man :)
    Good work. :) Happy Birthday!

  3. hahahahahaha...your husband is a dork and I LOVE IT! HA! That poem is ridiculous, but mostly true! I'm thrilled you had a good birthday and a husband who loves you so much!! Also, my Mom started blogging once a month and she mentions you so you might wanna check it out...tjhutch.blogspot.com


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