MLK Weekend

My family came up to visit for the three day weekend, it was so wonderful to see them! Christian is working on his mission papers so this was the weekend for the dreaded wisdom teeth removal. My mom thought it would be the perfect opportunity to come up and "take care of him" AKA hang out with all her kids! He was hilarious after he came out of surgery, just singing away in the room all by himself. I was trying to help him out with an ice pack, but I only had one bag of frozen vegetables and turns out it was open... I thought it would still be okay, he was all drugged up and groggy what could he possibly do to it? So I clipped it shut and wrapped it up in a dish towel for good measure but a few minutes later he started making unintelligible noises and I went in to find him covered in peas!

We just spent a whole lot of time hanging out and talking and eating and playing games, pretty much just quality family time. My mom and I can never go an entire day without talking... kind of like Gilmore Girls style. Even when I came to college I would fly home at least once a month to visit! Losing those flight benefits was harder than I thought it would be so thank goodness she still has them!

My cute Grandparents invite all the grandkids up to Alpine for dinner every Sunday and we absolutely love it! Grandma has yearly scrapbooks from the time my Dad was little up until now so its always entertaining to look back on good memories and horrible fashions!

Monday we all headed up to Soldier's Hollow for a big family outing of sledding. The snow was a little mushy but it was still so much fun!

Thanks for such a fun weekend Mom and Dad! See you spring break??


  1. STAY IN UTAH FOREVER!!! I know Sharon will come visit or move here if she's got to, but I WILL BE HERE!!! It was so fun playing with you all weekend! LOVE YOU!

  2. You are the cutest. I like the pea story.

  3. We had the BEST time that weekend!! Miss you all already...And now I have officially had it onto your blog! Love you, MOM


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