5 Degrees Fahrenheit

Oh this? That's just my dishes. In the bath tub.


Well, I originally loved the fact that our kitchen was in the corner of the house because we have two big windows on either side and it brings in tons of light and we have a great view of the backyard, loved it! However, because the kitchen is on the outside, that also means the pipes are on the outside. So I guess those little suckers hit their limit when the thermostat went to single digits because they are frozen solid and we no longer have running water in the kitchen. Y'all, I'm serious. We don't have running water! So after cleaning around the dirty dishes for several days and praying the pipes would warm up and listening to Evan's attempt at breaking up the ice by sitting under the sink and beating on them... I just kind of lost it. And that's how I ended up here. In the bathtub. With a weeks worth of dishes.

Time to get scrubbing :) Did I mention its really cold up here?


  1. Your life is always so interesting! haha

  2. looks like you need to come visit me! but then you'll have to cut your time in thirds so you can equally see ann and marci too!

  3. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Now I am really sad that I missed your call tonight! These are the stories that make up a lifetime. I'm just happy you documented! :) HAHA...I am still laughing at this! LOVE YOU!

  4. oh my gosh Kamille that is hilarious! But Kudos to you for rolling up your sleeves and doing what needed to get done and finding a way to do it! :) Stay warm!


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