Ev's Back

My husband is a muscle man. He may not agree with that title, but I have to tell you it's true. And while he is in no way one of the "meat heads" I have occasionally heard him complain about "who take up all the benches because they work out for hours on end every single day," this pose pictured above is no rare site in our house. He gets his fair share of bench time, and I for one am certainly not complaining about it.

Unfortunately, this weekend he got a little bit too much. After a rather intense leg workout Wednesday, he returned to the gym Friday and was lifting 200 lbs worth of dumbbells off the ground to bench. He used too much of his back to lift them and it sent a shock through his back and rather than lifting the dumbbells off the ground, he ended up down there with them. I have to say Ev has a really high pain threshold. If I ever suggest he take an Advil (to help with sore muscles or a headache) he takes it as a personal insult, so when I got home from work that day to find him sprawled out on the carpet I knew something was really wrong.

After a quick assessment to make sure that we didn't need to visit the Emergency Room, we spent an exciting weekend getting up close and personal with the living room floor. And I mean exciting.

We had fancy four course meals (Chips and Salsa, Clementine Oranges, and Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, topped off with cookies and ice cream), we viewed some very culturally enriching films (Inception, Feild of Dreams, Meet the Parents, you know the classics) and got some exercise by playing miniature golf in our living room sinking 5 foot putts into plastic cups.

Luckily we had lots of visitors! Kara and Heather and Tony all dropped in to say hello, and Zander and Chris came to give Evan a blessing. Chad delivered some very fancy looking "Deep Blue" oil which he instructed us to rub on Evan's back to make the pain go away. I don't know if its working, but our house sure smells great! Thank you to our sweet friends the Marshes for delivering brownies, they are already gone. Actually we ate them all the day you brought them. Embarrassing? Haha they were so good! And we can't wait to reschedule our double date with you! And a special thank you to Brandon for being our doctor-over-the-phone until we could finally get in to the BYU health center today. We may be making a trip out to your office soon! We definitely didn't find a quick fix, but at least Evan is starting the road to recovery. Guess those meat heads may have an extra bench for a little while.


  1. You make me laugh and I love your post. I am happy I was able to visit and relieve a couple hours of your eventful weekend. :) Poor, Ev! GET BETTER SOON and tell him that I laughed SO HARD at the texts he was sending Nick and D last night. HAHA!


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