Evan and I have undertaken a massive project as of late. Its called project "Do-not-drop-out-of-school-mid-senior-year." This project takes absolutely all of our left over energy, 100% of our not already wasted time, and sneaks its way in between the rest of our much more interesting conversations. Its an epidemic case of senior-itis and we will continue to fight it halfheartedly because that's as much as we've got to give. This is all we've got to show for our efforts thus far:

1. Regular moments of brain spaciness: I wore pointed-toe 6 inch stiletto heals to my first day at the psych hospital. Seriously? Granted I was a little over-excited by my release from the same pair of polyester scrubs that have visited every single one of my patients for the past two and a half years. But come on I'm headed into a building full of people struggling with severe depression and suicidal ideation and I looked down and thought... good one. They aren't even allowed to wear shoes that have laces. And I decided to wear a weapon.

2. Increasing date nights for distraction: To make up for the increase, we have taken up the challenge of finding free dates. Its kind of exhilarating. We spent our Friday night this week at a junior high band/orchestra/choir concert and consider ourselves much more cultured afterwards. Be jealous.  Evan's students at Timberline had their concert this weekend and they really were amazing. But I couldn't help laughing that we spent our date night in a theater full of parents probably wondering what in the world we were doing there since we look closer to being in junior high ourselves than being parents of someone in it. Others included:

 BYU Basketball: Jimmer and a 3 Seat in the tournament! Good Luck Boys! 
Tubing at Soldier's Hollow take 2: much better turn out :)
Our low key Valentine's Dinner: a combo of many of our favorite dates all in our very own home.

3. Small acts of rebellion:Evan has recently admitted to me that he parked in the handicap spot at the Creamery (corner grocery store near our house) when I sent him to pick up the one ingredient I forgot for dinner.  He was thoroughly impressed with himself and named this little trick of his "The paraplegic sneak." 


4. Dramatic exercise routines: Mr. Tony Horton of P90X has become a member of our family. In an attempt to make up for his suspension from the gym in order to let his back heal, Evan has transformed our front room into a weight room/Ken po studio/ yoga lounge. I did the Ab Ripper X video one time and I couldn't even swallow the next day, and a sneeze was downright torture. I quickly abandoned the routine and am continuing with my marathon training.

Anyone have any better ideas?


  1. haha...toss in a little pool time and we'll have our summer! I am positive you are both going to make it and am also impressed that you have found so many things to fill your time. St. George soon? Maybe that will help!! Miss you!

  2. 1. Take your saved loaf of bread heels and feed the birds at the park.
    2. Go wading in a public fountain and see how long it takes for someone to tell you to go home!
    3. See how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.
    4. Penny Candy Poker is always fun with friends. (Men can get a little possesive over their M&Ms and Sixlets can be envied.)
    5. Go to a children's park and go down the slide and swing on the swings.
    6. Go test drive new cars? ( a little deceitful but ahh new car smell how fun!)
    7. Power walk the mall and fantasy shop.
    8. Guess how many grains of rice are in a 1/2 cup then count them! See who has the closest guess.
    9. Make cookies and deliver them to friends. (Shamrocks would be seasonally appropriate)
    10. Find a family in need and spend and evening doing a kind turn.
    They are almost all free. I hope I helped. Say Hi to your mom for me.
    Lisa Nuttall-Minard


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