The Other Side of Heaven...

The time has come when the man has to keep his end of the deal or his wife will murder him in his sleep. I am not sure why everyone wants to read a post from me so I will keep it short and sweet. Kamille and I have been married for eight months and I can honestly say I have never laughed so hard in my life. She really is the most incredibly smart, talented, hard working, spiritual, and ridiculously good looking girl I know. Every minute of my time spent with her is heaven and many would agree.

I always tell Kamille how funny she is but she doesn't believe me. I am constantly smiling because you never know what is coming next from those green eyes. So for those of you who don't really know the funny things she says or does, I feel it is my blogging duty to show you the other side of the Fox home. She blames some of these things on me, but don't let her fool you...

1. Plastic Bags

One day I went to look under the kitchen sink and I couldn't find the lysol spray. I figured out it was because it was covered by a couple grocery plastic bags. I pulled the bags out and realized there were more than a couple. So in awe I pulled out 92 bags out from below the sink. I thought it would be funny to put them in the living room covering every inch of space for when Kam came home. I thought it was super funny but when she walked in she just asked what this was all about. I told her my story and she said, "We really need bags for when we move..." Don't worry, we aren't moving for a long time
 but we will be ready with our 150+  for when that day comes...:)

And counting...

2. Bread Nazi

I don't have much to say on this subject but if you haven't ever tried to sneak a roll or bread stick off Kamille's plate before then you haven't lived life to the fullest. Be aware that when you take a bite from her bread I promise it will be one of the few times you can picture your own funeral.

3. Naughty mouth

Without going into detail I want the world to know that my wife is not perfectly sweet and innocent when it comes to her words sometimes. My mom definitely would have put the bar of soap in my mouth if I used one of Kam's "that's what she said" lines :). If you aren't laughing right now believe me when I say after hearing her one liners, I have stopped the car in the middle of the road with my mouth open, fallen out of my chair laughing, or instantly gone to my facebook to post the best status ever. Recently when confronted about her modesty problem she said, "When you have a body this good somebody has to know." That is about the only PG rated quote I can put on here...

4. Perfect Cooking

My wife is the best cook in the world hands down. But when everything doesn't work out in the kitchen all heck breaks loose. The other day my taste buds were pleased by her toffee maple bars but she felt they were too hard for the six people coming over from the ward that evening. All day it felt like our dog died...Needless to say everyone that came over that night loved her maple bars

5. On/Off Switch

This one is my personal favorite. The funniest thing that my wife does is forget. Her computer, ipod, and phone are dead everyday. Her curling iron is plugged in and the stove is left on countless times for numerous hours. It is so funny because when I say anything she just smiles and looks at me with those googly eyes and I forget everything. We are working on it :)

These are just a couple of the reasons why I absolutely love my wife. I hope I could give yall a small taste of how truly funny Kamille is. She is amazing and I'm eternally grateful that she saw something in me and stayed with me...



  1. Post Edit: My husband's pretty cute huh? Great post babe :) The only thing I have to clarify is on the subject of my naughty mouth. First of all, we already talked about that thank you and I'm not entirely sure it needed a second acknowledgment. But second of all and more importantly, this is a talent I acquired specifically from the Stallion himself, that is what happens when you move in with a boy. It is equally important to recognize that I only make these not-so-PG-rated comments he speaks of in the presence of my husband alone. Hello? I'm married to him. And I waited until I was married to him to make these dirty comments. I earned that right. If you are married, you do it too. If you are not married, you shouldn't. And if you are married and don't, you should start. Your husband will appreciate it. That's all.

  2. Kamille. This was awesome. My favorite was the modesty issue. SC's for life!!

    I'm now following you--you should probably follow me too:)

  3. I'm happy to see Evan finally held up to his end of the deal! And Kam...HAHAHA! I appreciate the dirty comment advice! YOU BOTH ARE HILARIOUS and I'm still so freaking happy that you're married!!!!!! LOVE YOU BOTH!

  4. Brilliant post, Evan!!! you two are the greatest!


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