St. George Trip

Love him!
 The Group (minus Heath)

Summer has officially started for this little Fox family. My sweet cousin Heather invited all of us to come home with her to St. George and enjoy Memorial Day weekend in a place where the sun actually does exist. (Provo weather yesterday: snow.)We went to Zion's National Park to hike Angel's Landing, it was so beautiful! I'll admit I was terrified when all we had to hold on to were a few chains, but after I just quit looking down it was great. We enjoyed wonderful weather, delicious food, and great friends with lots of laughter. Thank you Terry and JeNee for hosting us! We hope to be back in sunny SG soon!


  1. Oh you two are invited back ANYTIME!!! I loved riding with you and having you there the whole weekend (I don't think I would've made it without you). LOVE YOU CUTE GIRL!!!

  2. Hubba hubba! Always looking for an excuse to take that shirt off, Ev!

  3. I will direct quote my wife...
    "When you have a body this good somebody has to know"

  4. haha that was Evan's comment. But yes I did say that.


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