Save the Date!

Photo by Missy Saunders
 See that beautiful Brazilian babe snuggling up to my big brother? Guess what!
Photo by Missy Saunders
She is the soon-to-be newest member of the Hutchinson family!!
Congratulations Zander and Rebeca on your engagement, we couldn't be happier!
The are getting married in December at the Mount Timpanogos temple!

Now Rebeca, as someone who has lived with the man you are about to marry for 17 of my 22 years of life, including sharing a room with him as babies as well as the upstairs all through high school, I feel there are some critical secrets I need to let you in on before you saddle up for this whole "eternity" ride.

1. My brother sings in the shower. You probably know that he sings A LOT and that anything and everything can and will be turned into a beat-box session, especially when he is with his little brothers. Did you think Celine Dion, Kelly Clarckson, or Taylor Swift are exempt from that category? Because you would be wrong. But more importantly, I will warn you that you need to obtain a great love and appreciation for the song "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" ...otherwise you'll have to get yourself an expensive set of ear plugs. I woke up to the sound of him belting it from the bathroom nearly every morning. Luckily, he's a pretty good singer, otherwise we would have had serious issues.

2. Zander is extremely health conscious. You know this of course, but it started at a very young age. Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time when Zander was about 6 years old we were all walking through Looney Toons Land on a typical summer outing to Six Flags. My mom turned around to find him uncontrollably sobbing.
"Whats wrong, Zander!" she asked.

He responded that he was now unquestioningly going to die of cancer.


It took quite a while to console him enough to get an explanation for this newly acquired disease, and when the sobbing quieted down to a sniffle this is what he told her: "I was picking my nose...and I had a booger on my finger... and someone who was smoking walked by they blew their smoke on the booger! And then.......I ate it!" Hence, the cancer. Hilarious.

Well Rebeca, he doesn't really have cancer. Nor do I think he ever once so much as thought about picking a booger again since that day so you're also safe on that front. However I cannot promise he won't demand to see peer-reviewed articles on self proclaimed health foods, or make you lift weights to prevent you from getting osteoporosis, or do any other oddities that seem normal to pre-med Nutrition majors. Here's to a long and healthy life!

3. If I could describe him in one word, it would be loyal. Once my brother loves you, he loves you forever. I've seen this throughout his whole life. He still has friends from his pre-school days, he keeps in touch with people from his mission, and he stands by and defends the people he loves with a passion. He is absolutely the most trustworthy and dependable person I know.

4. He studies too much. And actually, so do you. One time we doubled with you two, and at nine o clock our date was over and do you know where you two headed? The library. For real, the Harold B. Lee Library. It wasn't even an excuse to go make out or anything. You actually studied books. Evan and I plan to break you of this Friday night studying habit as soon as possible. Welcome to the family!

5. He will always tell the truth. Always. When Zander was in second grade, there was a rule in his classroom that you could not lean back in your chair. If you did, the consequence was getting a "coupon cut"(the equivalent of having your name written on the board, getting your green card pulled, your folder signed, etc). Well Zander did his very very best to follow this rule, but one time he forgot, and he leaned back in his chair. The teacher did not see, nor did any of his classmates, be he knew, and that was much worse. He slowly pulled out his folder and made the long trek up to his teachers desk and handed her a coupon. Understandably confused she asked what it was for. He sulkily told her that he had accidentally leaned back in his chair and so now she had to cut a coupon, that was the consequence. His teacher laughed and sent him back to his desk with no disciplinary action...clearly he didn't need it! He had just told on himself! Now, this is a wonderful trait of his when used properly, but just be warned, when you ask him a question he will tell you the truth. Many a time I was looking for reassurance or sympathy from him and I did not get it. Yes, its a bad idea for you to write a missionary. No, this does not taste good. But that's what you will always get. The truth!

6. He is a grudge holder.  Now, granted, this could just be a brother/ sister thing, but there is one thing that Zander is still mad at me about. And that is my first kiss. So what if I was only fifteen? So what if it was in his car? So what if it was in the backseat while he driving? Is it really that big of a deal? Come on, man. Let it go.

7. For him the gospel is simple and it is fact. He's not shy, and he's unquestioning. What other twelve year old boy could convert his friend over a late night conversation in bunk beds?

8. He is hilarious. My favorite moments with my brother are when he lets loose a little. I always expect to hear something educated come out of his mouth, something factual, something reasonable, logical. But every now and then you get a random "What the HEEZY!" And its just so much funnier coming from him than from anyone else in the world!  Enjoy that.

9.  He is outrageously competitive. Like remember how I tagged him out at third base last week and he refused to go back to the dugout? I do. Or remember when he made you leave the Mav's game early because they were losing and then they pulled it out at the buzzer and won? My suggestion to you is, sometimes, just let him win.

10. He absolutely loves and adores you! This is the most important. It has been so fun to hear him plan dates for you, think of little gifts and surprises for you, get nervous about proposing to you, and to just watch him fall in love with you. Thank you, thank you for making my big brother so incredibly happy. We love you!


  1. So cute!!! I love reading your blogs, Kamille!

  2. Your soon to be sister-in-law looks likes she fits in the family already with her dark hair and complexion. Congratulations to your brother, and letting us all in on his dirty childhood secrets :)
    p.s. I love the blue bonnet pictures of you and the hubbie. Jared and I should do that sometime lol

  3. Thanks Chrissy! So glad we have gotten to see y'all so much this week, let's do more of this :)

    Kashari- you totally should! Think how cute they'd be next spring with the new baby!

  4. I remember that with the coupon in the second grade!

  5. I LOVE this!!! This is so awesome! I actually thought when I saw their picture that it was your sister getting married! She truly does fit right in!!


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