The Trial Run

This summer I am learning to go camping.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term like I once was, camping consists of setting up a tent for a little make shift home in the great outdoors, sleeping in a sleeping bag on the ground, cooking over an open fire, and eating delicacies such as tin foil dinners. Apparently this is a normal summer activity for lots of American families? Who knew.

Well, turns out we are not quite a normal American family. When I told my little sister Evan and I were going camping she said, "I don't think I've ever been camping.... unless you count going to the beach?" Haha, thank you John and Sharon. When I told my grandparents we were going camping, my grandfather said,"Camping? Here's my definition of camping: I open the window on the left side of our bedroom. Then, I walk over and open the window on the right side of the bedroom. Creates a nice little breeze." Umm love you family, but we fail.

Fortunately, Evan's family does know how to camp! While I came in to our marriage bearing gifts of mirrors and frames and all kinds of home decor and kitchen supplies, Evan came in with camping stuff. A tent, a lantern, a flashlight, sleeping bags, he was stacked! Every summer for the past 33 years his family has headed to the Redwood Forrest to spend two weeks getting back to the basics. As this upcoming trip has grown closer, I started considering my history as a girls camp drop out and I decided I'd need a trial run before I jumped right in to that tradition.

Luckily, last weekend we were assigned to help with the ward camp out, a perfect opportunity! I volunteered us to be in charge of s'mores. I've seen Sandlot, I figured I could handle that. We also made our first camping purchase as a married couple: an air mattress. Let's just go ahead and eliminate that whole sleeping on the ground thing from the entire equation. We headed down to Spanish Fork to a ranch owned by our bishop's family and set up camp. It ended up being so much fun! We grilled dinner, played games, survived a little rain storm, and even got a great night's sleep on our new mattress. I left feeling much more prepared for our approaching trip to beautiful California, and so excited to spend time with the rest of the Fox family! Ten days, wish me luck!


  1. haha... John and Sharon did fail in that area, but thankfully you've seen the entire world and can now be taught how to camp the proper way. :) I will miss you on your trip! Please text me lots!


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