Bibles and Babies

5:20 am- Alarm goes off (Evan gets up and I ignore the alarm as long as humanly possible)
6:00 am- Ev leaves to teach seminary
6:30 am- I leave to go to the hospital (looking ravishing I might add)
< I deliver babies and he reads lots and lots of The Old Testament> (all day long)
7:30 pm- We meet back up for dinner (Hot and Ready? Grilled Cheese? and I call myself a nurse...)
8:00 pm- Ev heads back to his study to read some more of the Bible
9:30 pm- Bedtime (does anyone else on the planet between the ages of 2 and 82 go to bed at this time...? Unlikely.)


For three. more. months.

Lovin it!


  1. You got this, girl!!! Being adults is super crappy though!

  2. Yeah - I should have warned you guys. The real world entirely sucks. Sounds a lot like our days. :)

  3. Story of my life... already. The alarm goes off at 4:30-yikes! It'll be even better if I ever work for morning news. I'll have to be at work at 3am...

    When did we decide we wanted to grow up and do things like school and work and marriage? It sure looked a lot more fun from the other side.

  4. guys are busy! I bet the baby business is AMAZING though!!

  5. Camille I am happy to say I am right there with you for the 9:30 bed time club.


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