Project Thankful

The challenge: Make the whole month of November about GRATITUDE. Here is my list of 30 different things you can do this month to better appreciate the people and the world around you. One for every day. Whoever gets the most done during the month of November (or whoever gets them done first depending...) gets a prize! What is it? Not telling. Slash I don't know yet. But I'll come up with something cool. And if no one participates I suppose I'll just keep it. In which case it will definitely be a Cheescake Factory gift card. You can do them in any order and you can do more than one a day if you want. No cheating, honor code style people. Leave a comment if you want to participate and send me an email by November 30th telling me what you've done! I want to hear about your experiences!

1. Verbally thank a service man or woman
2. Write a thankyou note to your Mother.
3. Thank someone who helps you in a store.
4. Wave to someone who lets you in their lane while driving.
5. Thank someone you graduated high school with for being a good friend.
6. Thank a teacher for their impact on your life.
7. Thank a political leader for something they have done (and mean it!)
8. Thank your significant other for something you've never said thankyou for previously.
9. Thank a stranger who does something kind for you (ex: holds the door)
10. Leave an appreciative comment to someone in the social media world for an uplifting post or status (facebook/blog post/tweet)
11. Make your own post/status/tweet about Gratitude
12. Take cookies or another little gift to someone who has helped you recently.
13. Send someone a random text to say thank you
14. Find an inspiring quote about being grateful.
15. Thank someone from Church for uplifting you
16. Take someone to dinner/ice cream to say thank you.
17. Make a list of 20 things you have to be thankful for all in one day and hang it somewhere to remind you.
18. Thank someone for sharing their talent and sincerely compliment them.
19. Think of something really difficult you are dealing with in your life and create one reason to be thankful for it.
20. Write a thank you note to your Father.
21. Find a song you like that is about gratitude and share it with someone
22. Leave someone a flower with a thank you note.
23. Show gratitude for something you already have by taking better care of it (ex: wash your car, don't leave your clothes on the ground, etc)
24. Say thank you to a child for making you smile or for helping you... even if their help makes more work for you!
25. Think of someone you know or someone in history who lived a life full or gratitude.
26. Do something for your spouse/roommate that they usually do for you
27. Find a scripture about gratitude.
28. Take a picture of something you are grateful for and hang it next to your list.
29. Show gratitude to your body: eat healthy for a day or exercise
30. Say a prayer that is completely composed of thank-you's.

Good luck! Let me warn you right now, your toughest competitor is Evan. He does not like to lose.


  1. Dear Evan, I also like to win. Bring it.

    What if I did one it just whoever gets it all done first? In that case, I need to get busy.

  2. I am totally winning, ibhave done 5 of these today!

  3. Sallie- whoever finishes ALL of them FIRST

    Post edit: it has been brought to my attention that number 8 is unfair. My apologies. If you don't have a significant other, you are exempt from that one :) k thanks!


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