Smile about...

My husbands new nickname for me: "Green Eyes and Ham". . . Flattering eh? Still debating on whether or not this is an insult...

Raul the fix it man, who not only pronounced my washer and dryer healthy despite the flood, he also did $200 worth of investigating on them and didn't charge me a penny! I was his very last customer EVER. He's been fixing washers for 48 years and we were his very last service call of his whole life and that was his way of celebrating. Thank you Raul!! And congratulations!!

Riley getting a chance to play... Go Cougs!

Old Provo temple, New Provo temple, and answered prayers. So many answered prayers!

And last but certainly not least: Blue Bell ice cream in Utah! Texas recently robbed me of my citizenship and made me trade in these:                                                                                             for a much more expensive set of these:
So I feel like sending me Blue Bell is its way of making up. Thank you Texas, I accept.


  1. that seriously is the worst picture of us ever but so glad you came with us! and tell ev i think the nickname should be green eyes and spam ;)

  2. Agree, ugly picture. But its the only one we took! haha I'll let him know.

  3. and...a temple in STAR VALLEY!! you're right, so many answered prayers!

  4. Oh we just discovered Blue Bell ice cream! I love the Peaches in Homemade Vanilla...mmm. Now I won't eat any other brand. :)


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