You know you're a nurse when...

1.You are not afraid of sticking your hand in dark places....
2. You are one of those people who writes down every single thing you eat in a day... except instead, you'll write down everything you said, heard, saw, and did too. You said it? You chart it. You saw it? You chart it. You heard it? You did it? You thought it? You chart it.
3. You really really like hospital food and could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Because you will.
4. You have no problem asking people things like "When was your last bowel movement?" or "have you had sexual intercourse recently?" while their family is all in the room.
5. And you find things like this very entertaining:
               Performance artist gives birth in NYC art gallery-

Your turn...


  1. Kamille-I don't even know if you remember me, but I'm friends with your mom, and lived in Texas for awhile. Anyways, I just read some of your blog and was laughing so hard. Because:
    A-I am a nurse, so when my husband says "my poop looked different today," I run to the bathroom when he is done yelling "don't flush, don't flush, I want to look!"
    B-Clark told me my breath stunk once in our first year of marriage. I was hurt. So glad that someone else has had this experience.
    Anyway, looks like you're doing great! So glad with your almost done with nursing school, the worst is almost over!

  2. 1)When everyone else around you at a restaurant thinks your conversation with your fellow classmates is disgustingly inappropriate
    2) When you never see the sun rise or set
    3)When you have to name the stuff you laugh at as a "nursing joke" bc it was inappropriate to laugh but you still think it was funny


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