Just some things you might have overheard in the Fox home during the past week:

"It's for the better good!"
(No Ev, its for the greater good.)

"Oh, it's just a modge podge of random things. "
( No Kam, Modge Podge is a craft glue. I think you maybe mean a hodgepodge?)

"Moses came down from Mount Sinai and was like, 'What the deuce?' "
( Moses' reaction to the golden calf, according to my seminary teaching husband. Your kids are in good hands.)

"Who is Billy Reuben?"
(Uh that would be bilirubin, Mr. CFO. My poor dad, he's a businessman and all his kids went in to health care.)

"Nice outfit.... AKA you look like a freak."  (no picture disclosed)

"Most people have chew, but he has corn nuts."-Marilyn Fox
"Did she just say most people have two, but he has four nuts??"- John Stockett

"I think this is the kind of time in some people's lives where they would get wasted."- Kam (in reference to our homeless, unemployed state ha)

We're taking that quite literally around here Marjorie :) 
Happy Thursday!


  1. Outed twice in a single posting... I've clearly reached the pinnacle here; no where to go but down now.

    "Corn Nuts" :: Let the record reflect that many other people in the room heard "four nuts"... and the solitary voice to the contrary was merely that of guilt-ridden self defense. (I'm just glad that I wasn't alone in witnessing a rare public slip-o-the-tongue from my usually soft-spoken, elegant and gentle mother-in-law.)

    "Billy" :: Though I did have to think about it for a good 30 minutes, Evan's inquisitive retort did finally prompt me to look up the correct spelling for bilirubin. For the record, I'm definitely claiming "sleep depravation" on this one.

    PS - Yes, there is a joke cleverly disguised in my last sentence for those clever enought to find it. :)

  2. this cracked me up! i have a huge list of hilarious quotes saved for times like these! and i love the new blog design, good work lady!!

  3. Ah, Kamille- this is funny (especially the bilirubin). I'm glad you are able to keep laughing through a hard time. You two are incredible. I don't know all the details, but it will work out soon (I used to think those were empty words when people said that to me in hard times, but they are true!). Good people like you are always blessed!!!


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