Today was a Fairytale

Happy 23!
Roses and a delicious cinnamon roll delivered to me at work by my sweet husband
Running in some new feeling in the whole world
Dinner with family and friends,  Heather made me a "K" cake
My Christmas/Birthday present... a wedding band! Staring at my hand all over agian like we just got engaged :)
Mountain biking... oops, apparently not a winter sport. We tried!
Thank you so much to all of my family and friends for the texts and phone calls and birthday wishes, it was wonderful!

In other news... READ THIS TALK 
Elder Christofferson finally explained to me whats going on with my life.
We are learning to ask the Lord for our daily bread. Not monthly, not weekly, daily.
Interested? It'll be worth your time :)


  1. Happy Birthday (again!) I sure hope you enjoyed it! I love you, Kam! Thanks for always staying positive and looking for the answers in everything. I will read that talk and hopefully it'll give me some daily insight too!

  2. I mostly don't like when we can't be there for these birthday dinners! LOVE YOU and I'm so glad you had a wonderful 23rd!

  3. Happy Birthday! And just wanted to say thanks for the amazing talk suggestion - just what I needed!

  4. this one is good too!

    love you! come live with us :)

  5. I wish I could have been there! Thanks for the great article!

  6. Kam! Thank you for sharing this post! I never made a comment, but I love your blog and how you share the highlights of whats going on! :) And I notice that it is impossible to find a bad picture of you anywhere! haha! You always look so amazing! Love you


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