Awkward and Awesome

My cute baby sister had Cotillion this weekend. Isn't she so adorable!

 This is me, also at 12 years old...

I know. Just as adorable. No need for compliments. 

Cotillion I would say is the birth place of awkward and awesome. For those of you non-southern belles out there, Cotillion is where young ladies and gentlemen go to be educated on all the most appropriate etiquette. You learn to be a proper adult (pronounced AH-dult). I can remember counting down the months until I was finally old enough to sign up for it. I got to buy new outfits, I got to dance with boys,awesome. But Cotillion is much more than a dance. You learn how to escort someone (or be escorted as the case may be), you learn all the "socially acceptable" dance moves, such as the cha-cha and the fox trot ( all of which would be later abandoned for much more refined things like the stanky leg...), you learn how to properly introduce yourself and your date at a party, how to thank the host, which fork to use when, etc, etc. Invaluable things really. Once a month, we sixth graders dressed up and attended a dance class with all of our peers who, instead of scraping knees and pulling pranks on the play ground, had to act dignified. Well, at least for an hour until the class was over. Then we would all go to Joe's Crab Shack and stand on our chairs and pour salt in each others drinks in real twelve-year-old fashion. Miss Persis Ann probably wanted to give up on us after seeing that... but occasionally we really were listening, and sometimes even learning a thing or two about manners. The amount ofawkwardness in that dance studio really can't be matched anywhere else in the world. Cram a bunch of tweeny bopper brace faces into a room and make them ask each other to dance with sweaty palms and all left feet? No wonder our parents sat outside and pressed their faces against the glass! I'd love to go back and watch that too!Awesome! But it is thanks to Persis Ann that we all learned to deal with a little awkwardness in life, because heaven knows that was just the beginning.

-My boss comparing a certain politician's ideals to Satan's plan and then later teaching me about Sperm Whales all in the same week. Go ahead. Wiki it. Its just as inappropriate as you think it is.

- Getting rejection email after rejection email from people who have "carefully considered my qualifications" in a matter of seconds. Sign me up for that speed reading class.

-This strange growth on my eye identified by my doctor as a pinguicula. Go away please. I do not have the self confidence nor the patience to rock a pair of glasses anywhere other than in my own bed.

-Having my husband come home and say "Wow, you look fancy." after having put makeup on for the first time in weeks. Hello? I'm studying here!
-Getting a gym pass for the first time since we have been married. So worth saving my sanity for $10.00/month

-This website that is single handedly transforming my personal scripture study. Check it out.

-Having a DISHWASHER. Seriously. Do you have one?

-Being addicted to CNN with Ev. "Our problem is not 11 million grandmothers..." #romney2012

- Sweet neighbors in our new ward dropping off Valentine treats. They have been so welcoming!

-Learning about quilting with Grandma Goff. My adorable fabric is just waiting for this test to be over!

-Weekly temple nights with some of our favorite people. So needed.

Hope you are finding it more awesomethan awkward little sis! Love you!


  1. so glad one of my ideas could be useful and that you are loving that website! maybe some day i'll have the time to actually read it :) and i'm currently thinking that quilting will take precedence over my school work so hurry up and take that test! love you!

  2. hahaha! that picture has been hiding for WAY too long! Sami is so beautiful and she trumps all of us because we were definitely more awkward than she will ever be. i love that your life is awesome and i love that you are blogging again because you have so many wonderful things to write about. also, i hope all of Evan's students somehow stumble upon that picture of him below. :) love you!

  3. Your blog is adorable as always, Kamille. I get so excited when you post a new one. And according to the almighty powers at Pinterest, Chevron is SO in right now, so way to be trendy! I miss you, Utah is so lucky that you get to be there.

  4. HAHAHAHAHA oh my gosh Kamille I've been laughing out loud for the past 5 minutes. I have to be honest -- I totally forgot about Cotillion and haven't thought about it for a decade or more...until this post. All the memories came flooding back from your detailed description of it. It's absolutely no wonder we turned out so well-behaved and well-mannered -- I forgot I owe it all to Miss Persis!


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