Can your Camry do this?

My personal favorite. If you know the story behind this, feel privileged.

The time has come, the wise wife said.
for fuel efficiency and air bags, I don't want you dead.
The Biscuit I love, but its pricey-ness must stop
two months in a row now, its been in the shop!
No baby will fit, with only one extra seat
And no AC? We can't take the heat.

But look at the memories we've made in this truck!
 camping, picnics, and bonfires, it's brought us so much luck!
What will we do without four-wheel drive?
What could be more lame than a sedan that seats five?

But the wife was right, it was time to grow up
at 24 years old, that truck was no young pup
So off to the dealerships we went just to see
A new car for Ev, what would it be?

Wheeling and dealing, from Ken Garff to Brent Brown
Made a visit to Karl Malone, ran all over town
And all that hard work got us quite a deal
A real steal of a deal in fact we feel

Sold the Biscuit for cash and bought our new ride
  Magnetic gray Toyota Camry, the best of all we tried
It did break our hearts to watch the Biscuit go
But we're ready for new adventures, that much we know!


  1. That poem was perfect...and so funny! Congrats on those new adventures!

  2. Those pictures are priceless! Congratulations on the new baby-safe, air conditioned car :).

  3. I feel SO good about this. Poor Biscuit, but he got all the good years out of it! CONGRATS on being grown up and enjoy that new car smell! LOVE YOU GUYS!!


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