4 years of pain
2 Diagnosis of Femoral Acetabular Impingement
1 Shredded Labrum ligament
4 Hours on the opperating table
2 unexpected complications
1 late doctor
14 hours at the surgical center for
Arthroscopic Hip Surgery


Evan had surgery on his right hip last Friday for a bone growth that is common in athletes who play sports that require a wide range of hip motion.... uh AKA wrestling. Hurdles maybe? That's all I got.

BEFORE: See all that white stuff? Extra bone growth. Not supposed to be there.
DURING: Rebuilding his labrum
AFTER: Looks so much better right??

 We've laughed:
Ativan makes my husband SUPER in love with me... and everyone gets to hear about it.
It also makes him tell his mother-in-law all about his bodily functions... ha
Watching him ride on a motorized scooter around Walmart about pushed me over the edge

We've cried:
They told me his surgery would take 2 hours, but after he got in there and they found the complications I didn't see him for 9. Lets just say I was seriously worried.
When we arrived at the surgical center the nurse said to us
" I just want to let you know this is the most painful surgery we do." Cool. Thanks.
Then Satan came to visit on Monday and brought us the day from Hell complete with a trip to the ER.

When he finally came out of the PACU, Evan would wake up and demand I take a picture of him and then immediately fall back asleep. 
When he woke up again he would want to see the picture and tell me to take more and instagram them.
I was dying laughing but I just couldn't do it, it broke my heart!
 Here is one of the pictures he insisted on. 
So. Drugged. Up.

 Its been a ride.

Note to any pain pill seeking psychos: We no longer have any drugs in our home so don't come looking for them. 
Well that's a lie. We do have one of every single thing they sell in the constipation isle at your local pharmacy. Interested? 

He's on crutches now and on his way to recovery.
A long 3 month recovery, but still.

to all of our family and friends for all your help love and support.
I think we're passed the worst of it and looking forward to what's ahead!


  1. Kamille this is intense! I'm glad things are looking up. I remember my little sister would tell all of the nurses that they were so beautiful. Sometimes pain killers are hilarious.

  2. I am so glad everything's coming out okay (pun intended) and that he's on the mend. Soooooooo sorry for all of this.


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