To my patients: Confessions of a new nurse

Sometimes I watch YouTube videos to review my tracheostomy care and wet to dry dressing changes before coming to your house

Sometimes ...actually every time before i put in an IV i say extremely sincere prayers that it will work and i am pretty sure that's the only way I ever make it in to your vein

Sometimes I take a bath in hand sanitizer when I get back in my car because even though I told you I see these kinds of things all the time , really I'm totally grossed out on the inside ... Like when I'm cutting your toenails and one of them flies up and gets stuck in my hair. Ew.

Sometimes I take longer on your admit assessment and questions because you are actually a really cool person and I'd rather hear all about your fascinating life than sit in my filthy car any longer

Sometimes I use the "for customers only" bathrooms in places I am not in any way shape or form a customer because baby fox is kicking my bladder so hard I have to pull over at the nearest stop to keep from peeing my scrubs.

Sometimes I don't wear makeup to work because apparently you take me more seriously that way.

Sometimes you tell a joke when I'm checking your heart beat and I don't laugh because i am concentrating so hard that the "I'm a nurse" section of my brain has a hard time connecting with the "I'm a human being with social skills" part of it.

It really was funny though.

Sometimes you cry when I'm at your house because you are tired of being sick. Sometimes I cry when I leave your house because I know you aren't going to heal.

Sometimes I wonder why I ever wanted to be a nurse.

But most times I thank heaven for the chance to take care of you and make your life a little better.


  1. You are the worlds cutest nurse! I love these!

  2. P.s. I do the same thing when I'm listening to hearts and lungs. Instead I jump when my patient laughs at the joke and it's extremely loud in my ears haha.


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