Here's to our 2nd year!


Best Dates:
- Mountain biking up Millcreek Canyon
-Evan teaching me how to play racquetball...He'll tell you I got mad and hit the wall with my racquet. I did not.
-Going to see "A White Christmas" at BYU
-Basketball in the park followed by a Redbox of The Vow

Hardest Laughs:
-Evan's Halloween costume including tights, my running shorts, and a skirt
-Discussing potential stripper names...for ourselves..... normal thing to do with your spouse?

Biggest Struggles:
-Waiting to hear from S&I...
-Convincing Evan we could not afford a brand new truck

Greatest Accomplishments:
- Getting hired!
-Finding out we are having a baby!
-Buying a house!

Stupidest Fight:
-Evan not sharing his water bottle. Yeah I had my own which was also full of water but I wanted to drink from his. I'm going to go ahead and blame this on pregnancy hormones.

Most Important Lesson Learned: 
- Working as a team- Something we've made huge strides in this year

Goals for Year 3:
- Meet our precious baby boy
-Finish off the rest of that pesky car payment
- Slow down and enjoy our incredible life!

Instructions from my husband: Pack a bag, we are leaving tomorrow after you get home from work.
We ended up in Logan at The Anniversary Inn!
 Months ago, Ev texted me and asked me if I could travel anywhere in the world right then, where would I go?
 Because if you're ever going to go somewhere, it ought to be Italy.
So he booked their Italian room called "Juliet's Balcony" and surprised me with an anniversary getaway!

Oh. My. Gorgeous.
And when I say room, I really mean a house we had all to ourselves, complete with breakfast in bed the next morning.

Dinner by the river, evening walk around the gorgeous temple, followed by another trip the next morning.
 After the temple, we explored Utah State and Main Street and stumbled across this gem of a book. 
" Meet the Mormons: A Pictorial Introduction to the Latter-Day Saints"
Seriously? So funny. Thank you for bringing us out of the 70's!

We finished off the night with a Broadway concert in celebration of President Monson's birthday! So fun.


  1. so fun! lie, i do indeed have the book "Meet the Mormons," my Grandma gave me a copy a couple months ago haha.

  2. Oh I was wondering where he took you! Love it! One of my goals is to meet your precious baby boy this year too :).

  3. My elementary school had a copy of "Meet the Mormons" and I remember one of my friends checking it out and trying to understand me. haha! Congrats on 2 years!

  4. yep. I just love this. And you. And baby boy Fox. So glad you had a great anniversary :)

  5. Happy 2 years!! I would have to say you two are the perfect couple. I love you both and baby Fox too!! Still so happy you got hitched and I still think your wedding was PERFECT!! PS... I'll just say that I call dibs on watching baby Fox for anniversary #3.

  6. Rebeca S HutchinsonAugust 22, 2012 at 5:12 PM

    Such a cute post Kam! I am happy you guys had the chance to have some fun and celebrate! Love the pictures and cant wait for baby Fox!! love u


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