From the diary of our iphones...

 Our first Prenatal Class:
Me- Oh. Shiz. You mean this baby actually has to come out??
Evan- I will only respond to "Coach Fox" from this point onward. Thank you.

Grocery trips to the mooching off that Freshman meal plan! Thanks Tanny!

Lots of visits from this cute girl and my sweet Momma :)

Nashville Tribute Band concert for date night... Amazing. If you haven't heard their newest Missionary album it is definitely worth a listen!

Discovering our first leak... loving the life of being home owners

Love notes from my husband... oh wait no I'm pretty sure he's just totally making fun of me. Yeah.


Projects for the nursery: Ev refinishing my Great Grandmother Jane's rocking chair and Fox fabric for a quilt from Grandma Goff!

And a quick trip to California for a little bit of practice parenting and some much needed advice from the sister-in-laws :)


  1. Such cute pictures! I love the one with you and Sammy. You look so adorable! Also cant wait to see the nursery final project! Love you and miss you.

  2. i like how the picture of evan under the sink shows a hint of what may be a little plumber's butt.


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