One Fine Day

Evan's first love, Caleb Barnes has {finally} tied the knot! These two are more than best friends. They've been there for each other in all of life's defining moments like... when Evan lit himself on fire...or when they rode a port-a-potty off a cliff.... many occasions of know, the really important things.  After entertaining episodes with a string of of girls including Miss " Just-call-me-'Bug' " whom he picked up at a 7-Eleven, we were dramatically impressed with Caleb's new choice Erica and we prayed she'd keep him. She did! They are the cutest couple and oh-so-in-love. Caleb was the best man at our wedding and Evan got the chance to repay the favor last week. We could not be happier for the two of them, let the double dates begin!

Erica is from Atlanta and as much as we wanted to, four week old Winston and I were not quite ready to make the trek down to Georgia so Evan went to represent the fam. I am so glad he got to be there for his brother! I could fill this entire blog with ridiculous photos of these two and their shenanigans but we'll just stick with this one, one of my {g-rated} favorites.

I told Evan to take {tons} of pictures since I couldn't be there to witness everything myself, specifically including girly things like her dress, flowers, etc. So this is what we got!

The drive to the temple....feeling a little nervous!

 Caleb and Erica were married for time and all eternity in the Atlanta Georgia temple. Read more about that here.

Mr. and Mrs. Caleb Barnes!
 Setting up for the reception

Look at these two handsome men!
Thrilled to be hanging out with some amazing friends who live far away. Miss y'all!

 I love this shot. So romantic!

 And they're off! Congratulations Caleb and Erica on the best thing that'll ever happen to you! So glad we could be part of it, we love you!!


  1. I already looked at this post and it's great, but we haven't had a chance to chat about Chad wearing Puma's to this event. What happened??


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