White Elephant

3rd Annual White Elephant Party!
I must have failed to make it clear that this was also an ugly sweater party... because Todd, Evan, and I are the only ones in horrible Christmas get-ups. Don't worry we do not dress like this on normal occasions :)
Best {actual} Present: Deep Fryer- brought by Kevin and Gracie
Best {white elephant} Presents:  "Borrow My Pens"- brought by Ben and Katie
                                                Jeep Bumper-brought by Todd (obviously)
Thanks for coming everyone!
So fun to see y'all, Merry Christmas!


  1. Looks like it was a blast! Thanks again for inviting us---we would have loved to be there!

  2. Todd's white elephant gifts never cease to impress....Can't wait to see yall in a few weeks!!

  3. Breanna: Loving this. Y'all are great hosts! Miss you!

    William: Tanner was wearing the same Texas Rangers sweatshirt that I wore to a white elephant party here. Go Rangers..... that is all...


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