Spring Break

Our Spring break started a little early because Evan's parents came to visit the week before! We loved having them stay with us and had a great time chatting, going to breakfast, and shopping {at Costco of course}. They had to go home on Easter but got to spend the morning with us. It was a beautiful day and it was so fun to make Winston's little Easter basket. Our Easter bunny brings church clothes and church books...seminary teacher problems. Winston's candy this year was new bottles and he was absolutely thrilled. That boy never stops eating. He even made it through all three hours of church! He must have known this was a very important day. Ev had to work during the week even though the students were gone so we spent our evenings doing little "stay-cation" things like miniature golf and hiking the Y. Winston did not share my obsession with the Y hike... he screamed the whole way down and I'm fairly certain everyone we passed thought we were horrible parents. Oops! We went to St. George for the weekend to see a little sunshine and some very dear family. The weather and the company could not have been more perfect! It was a great break made even better by the inspiring words of General Conference.


  1. At least Win knows what's up when it comes to Y Mountain! That picture of him with his hands behind his head is priceless!


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