Eight and Nine Months

 Eight and nine month posts together because... apparently we were too busy living life last month to post about it! As usual Winston continues to get more and more fun and show off his cute little personality. We have had quite a few adventures over the past couple months with our Texas trip and camping and he loves every minute of the attention. He adores his books and loves to just sit and turn the pages. My mom bought him a walker that he is pushing around the house now, he can stand up all on his own and will probably be trying to take his first steps soon! Not sure I'm ready for that. He crawls up the stairs no problem and he did roll down once too while I was changing the laundry. He surprises me with how much faster he gets on a regular basis. We discovered he is terrified of cows and find it both pitiful and hilarious. We were a little worn out from his favorite movie and tried to show him an Old McDonald sing along, as soon as the cows came on screen he started bawling! He did the same thing a few days later with his animal sounds book, he loves all the pages but when you make the "mooo" sound it sends him into hysterics. We have to skip it every time ha. He is a champion little sleeper as long as he is in his own bed, otherwise you're out of luck. He still adores watching older kids and gets so excited when we visit our cute neighbors Nicholas and Ellie or his cousin Thomas. He is currently obsessed with wipes and I think he would eat the entire package if I didn't stop him. He throws little tantrums when I take them away, starts bawling and buries his face in the carpet. Not my favorite thing. I do love the way he shakes his hands in the air when he gets excited, and how he bounces on him bum in circles when we turn on music and tell him to dance.
Being outside is his joy in life and no matter how upset he is, if we just walk out to the front porch or sit in the yard he is content. He still has a very loud voice which often sends us out of church. He thinks any other loud noise is competition and yells at the top of his lungs when I have the blender, vacuum, or blowdryer going and then giggles when I turn it off.  He's discovered his car seat holds him still and I'm already counting down til we can get him a bigger one and turn him around, I think it will make car rides a lot more enjoyable for everyone involved.
 9 Month Stats:
20 lbs 14 oz (71st percentile)
28.25 inches (44th percentile)

Favorite things:
Wubanub- He's never figured out how to suck on a binky like most babies but he loves this thing and chews on it constantly. Whatever keeps him happy is fine with me! Plus its a lot easier to keep track of than a pacifier.

Blocks- This is one of the only toys I have bought new for Winston because I absolutely love them. We go back and forth on the living room rug, I stack them up and he crawls over and knocks them down again and again and again

Dogs (puppet)- Winston is still enchanted by dogs and when we are in the front yard and our neighbors walk by with their puppies he stares and giggles and talks away. I'm not ready for a puppy yet so luckily we've got a puppet instead and he thinks its just as funny. I wonder how long I can use this as a substitute for an actual pet...

Daddy Moments: 
Training to play BYU football obviously

Helping Daddy pick out shoes


Fourth of July

Teeth-Our battle this month will be teaching him not to bite, he's got five teeth all the sudden and a sixth one on the way in.

Facebook status- I handed my phone to Winston to distract him during a car ride, when I got it back he was listening to Body Language (Jesse McCartney and T-pain) and posted this status on Facebook. Trained him well.