Here's to our third year!

This year's Anniversary song: Never Stop by Safetysuit

This year we:
Became parents
Got ripped off by a bad mechanic
Discovered the benefits {and pitfalls} of rewards credit cards
and finally solved our pickle argument by buying two separate jars
She got her first shout out in an obituary,
and still can't remember whether it's Peter Cetera, Phil Collins, or Sting
He grew some of the greenest grass in the neighborhood,
 and now washes out his own tuna bowl without being reminded
We have a few more chips in our dishes, and a lot less issues with PDA
We get told we are "the most adventurous couple" people know,
and we are infinitely better at always being on the same team

Hardest laughs:
When Winston sneezed milk all over His newly dry cleaned suit/shirt/tie for the third week in a row

Best dates: 
Nashville Tribute Band Concert
Forgotten Carols
 Got a sitter but the temple was closed so we hung out at the bookstore and ate ice cream instead

Goals for year 4:
Get in to grad school
Turn the gravel behind the house into a cozy backyard
Finish the Book of Mormon together {seriously}

When I first met Evan I was taking a marriage and family relationships class because I needed extra credits in order to keep my scholarship. I adored my professor and took extensive notes on everything he said. There was only one of his lessons I disliked, he talked about how the marriage relationship is not about two people looking deeply into each others eyes obsessively in love. He said it was about two people standing hand in hand looking out at the world and seeing how their love could bless others. "How horribly unromantic!" I remember thinking. Oh, how wrong I was. I get it now. That's the best way I can describe what I've learned in this third year of marriage. However, we are still madly in love, and we took time to celebrate it this weekend in Vegas. Here is a glimpse of our vacation where we toasted to three wonderful years, a future of more babies, and raising a righteous family.

Huge shout out to my generous Grandparents and my sweet mother for making our trip possible. We are so very thankful!