Insta Summer

Look who just completed his first day back in the classroom!
Sorry its a little blurry... it wasn't even 6 am yet okay people. 

It's always good to get a routine going again and the weather is already cooling off so I suppose it's time. We have had the most wonderful summer vacation, it has seriously been blissful. We made a bucket list at the beginning and didn't end up crossing everything off but it did inspire us to take advantage of every spare moment we had. Here are a few memories I loved that didn't make it in to my earlier summer posts:
Deer Creek Reservoir with Caleb and Erica
Riding the train at Kevin and Celeste's
Alpine Days Parade
Seven Peaks with Jessie, Curtis, and Sebastian
Wiffle ball games
Hiking with Kirsten

Picking Raspberries with Grandma Hutch