The Glamourous Life

I wear diamonds and gold every day
{just little ones on my left finger}

I have a personal trainer who does all my workouts with me
{he gets bored when the stroller isn't going fast enough}

I hold up lines at the grocery store
{Because I'm price matching, not because anyone wants my autograph}

I have three, sometimes four wardrobe changes a day
{oh wait no.... that's Winston}

I often find myself doing retakes of the same scenes
{Why do I clean up the toys at night ....}

People are always clamoring for me to post more pictures of my life
{and when I say people I mean Winston's grandparents}

I went on an African Safari and swam with dolphins just this month alone
{Baby Einstein, baby}

You can find me out on the town at all hours of the night
{I'm at work while my sweet baby sleeps}

I am happier and more fulfilled than I ever thought possible
{I am happier and more fulfilled than I ever thought possible}

I caught a glimpse of last week's Time magazine cover yesterday and my eyes filled with tears. "When having it all means not having children" it says. I felt ill. Is that what people really think? Is that what people are telling you out there? Here it is, the culture my baby sister will have shoved down her throat from the media as she enters her big-decision-making years. I realize there is more to the article than the cover lets on, but still. It wouldn't be on the cover if it weren't an issue. So here's what I have to say: To those of you who don't have children yet, do not believe it. Don't even consider it. Don't buy into this lie! I need you to know something, and I need my babies to know it too. Having a family is the only way to have it all.
And clearly, I'm not saying everyone should drop what they are doing and pro-create on the spot. There's a whole host of issues that need to be dealt with before another life becomes your complete focus and responsibility, and you can chat with Elder Anderson about that because that is one enchilada that I'm not willing to bite into. Timing is different for everyone, I believe that whole-heartedly. But my greatest fear is that you'll never get to the right "timing" because you waited too long, it was your last priority. Or worse, because you never even considered it to begin with. 

 I have traveled all over the world. Not just with Baby Einstein, I mean real legitimate ride-on-a-camels-back-through-an-Arabian-oasis kind of travel. I know it's exciting and enriching. I graduated from an extremely competitive program at a good university. I felt the glow of accomplishment when I opened that diploma, education is so important. I love the satisfaction I get from signing Kamille Fox, R.N. and seeing a pretty number in my bank account as a reward. A successful career is great, not to mention necessary for survival. But none of this is happiness.  The world is full of so many adventures and choices, but just because something is a "once in a lifetime opportunity" doesn't mean its worthy of the time you have to spend during your one life. There are good things to to with your time, better things to do with your time, and then there are the best things.

The moment that snaggle tooth grin and chubby arms reach up for me after nap time, my gondola ride through Venice turns into a faded postcard memory. When I watch my baby try over and over again to grab a fistful of water out of the bathtub faucet, I laugh at how proud I was of my A's on the testing center screen. My hourly wage, which sounded so big and fancy after graduation, could be ten times higher and still wouldn't keep me away from rocking a tiny half-of-me human to sleep at night. Have children. They won't bring you more money, or more free time, or more letters after your name. They'll bring you happiness, which is what you were looking for in all that other stuff anyway.


  1. Absolutely beautiful. Ive been bashing that article since it came out :)

  2. Sweet Kamille, Beautiful... and further I would site your dear readers to:
    Julie Beck's talk "Mothers Who Know",... The President of the Relief Society organization when this talk was given. It's the most beautiful talk and the very first principle she speaks of is: Women Who Know Bear Children. At my age, I've said it before and I'll say it again, the joy of life is the children who bless our homes. I plead with young couples to prayerfully seek these sacred blessings. May the Fox home be blessed with a dozen! Tons of Love, Fav Aunt JeNee ; )

  3. Kamille, that was beautiful. I feel this is one of my biggest challenges I'll face with the YW in our ward, showing them how great a family really is despite all they hear in the world. I can't believe that TIME cover, I hadn't seen that yet. You wrote that all so beautifully, and I just might have to share this post with our YW at some point. Motherhood is pretty great, isn't it? :)

  4. I just recently started reading (got addicted) to your blog, and absolutely love love LOVED this! I can't wait to be a mommy!! Thanks for all of the funny stories and cute pics :)


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