Win's 1st Birthday!

We celebrated Winston this weekend with a fun family party, all about foxes of course! {Sorry the invite looks ghetto... had to blur out our address!} I had a ball planning this party, but thank heavens my mom came in town or else I never would have been able to execute it! She's a miracle worker. 
We used the Fox in Socks story as our guest book and everyone wrote Winston a note. I hope we can keep this tradition up every birthday! My other favorite detail was the party bags, they were full of what we call "birthday box popcorn". My Great Grandma and Grandpa Christensen started this tradition, they would put your present inside a big box and then filled up the rest of the box with little sweets and candied popcorn as the "stuffing" around the gift. It is the most delicious popcorn I have ever tasted and what a fun thing for kids to open! My cutest grandparents made it for me to put in the goody bags, I'm not very skilled at making it myself yet but I will keep working on it. Winston is the 5th generation to enjoy this birthday treat.

Evan surprised me with the sweetest highlight reel of Winston's first year which he played at the party! Don't feel like you have to watch it, its 7 minutes long but its posted at the end for a few family members who couldn't make the party. I will probably watch it over and over for the rest of my life. Then it was time for the cake smashing.

Trying to keep him from grabbing the flame...

A little hesitant at first!

 But then he dove right in. He obviously wouldn't wear the birthday crown I made him so I stuck it on while he was distracted for a few photos!
Sharing with dad, mmmmm.
 He demolished it, so proud of himself!

 Thank goodness we had cousin Tommy around, Winston just wanted to play with Tommy's football and could care less about the presents. Tommy opened them for him instead! Hopefully Winston will figure it out by Christmas...

 A big thank you to everyone who came to celebrate Winston, and to everyone who has been such an important part of his first year!! We love you all!!


  1. This party was perfect!! You are the cutest mom and have the sweetest baby! I love your little family so much! :)

  2. Oh my gosh. I was getting teary and giggling during the video and he's not even my baby! So so cute! Thanks for the great ideas for Lyddie's party! :) Miss you! Thanks for your awesome posts. and happy birthday to one-boot-Win!


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