I'm at a point in my life where I feel overwhelmed with gratitude in small moments of nearly every day. I am particularly grateful for my opportunity to be a mother to a healthy and happy little boy. I cherish the hours of every day we have to play, just the two of us. I'm also regularly surprised at how wonderful my marriage is, I expected marriage to be good, but it brings me more happiness than I knew existed. I got so lucky. I've been specifically thankful for my education this past year and the opportunities it has provided me to be able to work (and not work) pretty much whenever I want. I'm extremely thankful for our beautiful home that has just in the past few months really taken on the meaning of home for me. I'm thankful for a wonderful family heritage and for the chance to learn about my connections to those who came before me (shout out to Great Grandmother Jane for teaching me the art of the perfect pie crust pictured above). I'm thankful for little things like the magic of picking out a Christmas tree with my boys and for big things like the gospel of Jesus Christ. I'm thankful for our extended families on both sides and the love and support they give us at all times. I'm so appreciative of the wonderful neighborhood we live in, for my chance to work with the cub scouts and the frienships it has opened up to me. I'm thankful for my health and to be done sharing my body with a baby (at least for right now). I'm so grateful for the gorgeous mountains we live in and all the adventures they bring us. I'm thankful for my personal talents and the fun I have sharing them with others. Life is full of happiness right now, and for that I am grateful.


  1. I'm grateful for YOU! Thanks for yet again another great and inspiring blog post!


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