Christmas in Phili

 Christmas in Philadelphia was really just my dream holiday. My favorite vacations with my family in the past have been cruises because we were out of the country, isolated on a boat, with no cell phone service so everyone was forced to spend all of their time together. It was sort of like that in Phili, all of us together in a new place with no reason to separate from each other. I loved every minute of it. We did all our Christmas things, chopped down a tree, made our traditional cookies, played games, opened presents. We also did a lot of exploring from New York City to Philidelphia to Gettysburg, we crammed quite a bit in to 10 days. This was my first time out to the east coast and I found it just charming. My parents neighborhood is beautiful and the house they bought already feels like a home. They really got a good one(Please ignore the dated curtains and wallpaper, my mom had only been in the house 10 days at this point but she's got some plans up her sleeve). Winston spent a ridiculous amount of time in Mimi's bathtub and chasing the cat and dog around the house. We danced, had nerf wars, ate delicious food, crafted some rather cute Christmas crowns, and got emotional over the history of this great country we call home. We got to skype with Tanner and he bore his testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ at the end of our talk which just melted everyone's hearts. It was heavenly.

 This is an overwhelming number of pictures coming at you, so if you weren't there, you probably want to skim. I run this blog, however, and I wanted to see every one of these over and over again so here we are in all our glory. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


  1. Looked at every pic. Great New Years Resolution. Love you. The end.

  2. I love that you were in my neck of the woods! You guys are the cutest. Love you!

  3. I love all the pictures and am glad you put each and every one of them on there! Sounds (and looks) like a dream vacation!


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