If you were eavesdropping...

There are about 10 conversations we are having on repeat over here. If you were the type of person who eavesdrops {and obviously you are because you read blogs} this is what you'd hear:

 "Dance!"- Winston

Winston is unquestionably obsessed with music. First thing when he wakes up in the morning he points downstairs {well after he has pushed all the buttons on his space heater that is} and as soon as we walk by the computer he says "dance". He wants music on 24/7 {hence the song he's listening to in this video... we are running out of danceable options people} and he's got the moves! He literally says this word at least 20 times a day. It's terribly adorable to watch that little tiny human bounce and spin and wave his arms. Kills me. Today's favorite song : Compass by Lady Antebellum

"Babe, have you seen my...."- Evan

Glasses, phone, iPad, bomber cap, basketball socks, this list goes on and on and on. I'm fairly certain it's an issue with the Y chromosome and I plan to ask God about it when we get to the other side.

" What do you want for dinner?" -Kamille

Does everyone else's family insist on eating some sort of meal at least three times a day? What's with that? I read a blog a few years ago that suggested writing a list of your favorite 30 meals so you'd always have something to fall back on for dinner. I have that list saved in my phone but after 36 months of those favorites, they're not so favorite anymore. Salad for dinner.

"Hi!" -Winston

Winston's favorite word lately. It's so fun to take him places because everyone in the grocery store or the Jiffy Lube is his new best friend. He walks over with his snaggle tooth grin and says "hi" over and over. Melts my heart, and all of theirs.

"Pretty sure it's your turn..."-Kamille

To pray, or to pick what we're doing tonight. I'm always trying to get out of that. I'm great at coming up with creative ideas {notice the caricatures above for an at-home date night} but when I have to narrow it down to one since we can't do it all, I'm lost. Can't you just pick for me? I thought of 5 things! I'm pretty sure it's your turn {100% of the time.}

"See, we should get a dog because..."- Evan

Then Winston would be happier, our floors would be cleaner, we would exercise more, so-and-so has a dog, and we would probably be richer and better looking too. I'm exaggerating {slightly}, but Evan likes to have this discussion every few days. I know he will win when I run out of excuses, but for now I'm holding strong.

"Sit." - Winston

Winston has discovered how to climb. I set him down when we came home from church, turned around to get a drink and all the sudden he was on top of the table. He loves to stand on the kitchen chairs and, what else, dance, but he is 1 and has no balance so he's always in danger of a dramatic fall or injury. We tell him to "sit" and he says "sit" back to us with a big grin and continues dancing. This is more often than not rather frustrating but dammit why does he have to be so cute.

"Let me turn that off for you" -Evan

The oven light, my curling iron, the dryer door, blowing out a candle that's been burning for 5 hours. This might always be my weakness. Thanks for saving us from fires babe!

" How was your day?" -Both of us
The stress level has been a little high at the Fox home this week{ which is hard to do when its only a four day week!}. We are waiting on some important news, stretched thin between work, church, and family responsibilities, most likely suffering from a little seasonal depression, and how dare everything not go perfectly according to plan! Deep breaths, and encouraging words.

" I love you."- Both of us

Sincerely said multiple times a day to every member of the family because... It's  what homes are built on.


  1. I totally am eavesdropping. Especially since we only slightly knew each other at school, but I love your blog. You are an entertaining writer and very witty, and its good to hear from someone else in the trenches of marriage, motherhood, nursing, and discipleship. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you I like your blog, and maybe make things a little less creepy.

  2. Cute post. I especially can relate to the "Have you seen my..." (Finally made 3 copies of all our keys since we were down to one set!) and "Pretty sure it's your turn..." I once said that every night for almost two weeks before C caught on that he had been saying the prayer every night. ;)


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