Sunny St. George

 My gracious aunt allowed us to invade her home this weekend so Evan could take his new bike out for some real rides. He's been dying to "put it to the test" for a month now so Memorial Day weekend it was! They had just sold their home and were in a rental with everything packed up so it was a little nuts but she is too kind to say no. We spent as much time as possible enjoying the sunshine and when Winston got desperate for some toys he improvised with a sack of potatoes and canned goods. Kept him entertained for literally 2 hours. I love this list from Studio 5 on things to do in St. George and I've been working my way through it on our annual visits:

 This time around we did 1 {Swig- Dirty drinks and sugar cookies, yum!}, 5 {Chuckwalla Trail Head- Winston and I braved a hike alone and found a tortoise! He was entertained and I was very sore.}, 6 {Town Square- fun splash pad means sun time for mom and dad}, and 10 {Pizza Factory- with some of our very favorite friends, he is Evan's biking buddy and his parents live in St. George so we coordinated our time as much as possible. Love them!}

 Once upon a time we thought St. George would be our home, but for now its one of our happy places.

One more thing, my uncle taught Sunday School and I have been pouring over this article he referenced, The False Gods We Worship by President Kimball. We are studying the Old Testament this year and we were discussing the theme of idol worship throughout the book. President Kimball  cites these striking analogies that force you to realize, you may judge the children of Israel harshly for building that golden calf but in fact you probably do it too. Oh, if you read it let's chat, please!! I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. I read that talk! It was amazing! It's crazy to think of all the talks that are so wonderful that I don't even know exist...
    I loved this part: "What are we to fear when the Lord is with us? Can we not take the Lord at his word and exercise a particle of faith in him? Our assignment is affirmative: to forsake the things of the world as ends in themselves; to leave off idolatry and press forward in faith; to carry the gospel to our enemies, that they might no longer be our enemies." I am going to college this fall and honestly a little scared. I'll admit I am addicted to my phone. I'm worried I won't know how to control it and use my time wisely, you know? But with this talk my perspective was broadened and it gave me encouragement and hope! Thank you for that.


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