My life according to my google searches

Have you ever looked at your google history? I was searching something the other day and a list popped up of everything I've googled recently when I started to type. It is kind of a hilarious/embarrassingly accurate record of my life, try it out some time. Here's what I'm Googling:
tea on sunburn
{went to the pool with Winston's bestie, it didn't open until nap time so I wasn't planning on staying more than an hour and didn't apply sunscreen to my back, fail}
the wedding singer
{watched "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" and had a rousing discussion on Ben Stiller vs Adam Sandler movies}
giro replacement visor
{due to Evan flying off his bike at random intervals we often have to replace/fix/jimmy-rig biking equipment}
{finally changed our internet to Comcast for my poor husband who previously couldn't watch a movie trailer without the "buffering" problem interrupting at key moments}
check passport status
{going to Mexico next month! Uh....hopefully...}
Cafe Rio locations
{my adorable hubby showed up at the airport after my 5 hour flight and surprised me with a Cafe Rio salad :) }
how often to water lawn in Utah
{who knows? obviously this was Evan's search}
California Mountain Biking Jersey
{ I have been trying to find the perfect fathers day gift and now he'll have to pick for himself because my search was less than satisfactory}
Babies R Us Coupons
{ So many of my dear friends having babies!! Couldn't be happier for Dee, Chey, Jessie, or Ashley}
{fancy word for Gas-X that had me confused for a minute at work. Oh the language of Pharmacology}
Purdue University colors
{just in case}
Winston Sibling Names
{I may be keeping all of my name choices a secret from now on since Evan has scarred me on my favorite}
Cub Scout Belt Loops list 2014
{ah the weekly battle, what will we do?? Hike Battle Creek Falls thank you very much.}


  1. I am laughing out loud. Where in the world do you come up with these posts?? HAHA! Love you!

  2. Seriously - you always have the cutest ideas for posts!

  3. Adorable. You are adorable. And Mexico???!! What!? FUN!

  4. Oh no! He nixed your favorite name?? That makes two of us! (And who is Win's bestie? So sad it's not Sebastian!)

  5. Just watched The Seecret Life of Walter Mitty last night. Amazing. :)

  6. Really needing my Winston fix right now!!! Post away!!!!


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