Dreams Riviera Cancun

My parents move to Phili last fall was due to my Dad's job change, he is now working for Bain Capital as the CFO of a company called Apple Vacations. My parents invited all of us to come and stay at one of the resorts with them for our family reunion this year. You can check out the resort here, all I can say was it was appropriately named. Dreamy was how I would describe the whole week.
The Cast of Characters:
sang La Cucaracha to our waiters on the beach, 
got renamed "Monster" by Winston, 
and learned about the app Tinder and its "booty calls" 
{"I have never had one of those, I don't think." Died laughing.}
got a work out chasing Winston,
taught him about ice cream cones,
and smiled for a week straight in her natural habitat
 got face to face with an eel, 
drank one million smoothies in white linen pants, 
and also got shingles
read pretty much the entire Book of Mormon,
continued the J.T.Hutch Scuba Club tradition,
 and learned Spanish {as taught by Evan}
Got a tan, 
got denied activities for being either "too young" or "too pregnant"...they weren't sure, 
and is now seeking a job at Apple Vacations as their quality control inspector
never needed sunscreen as he is a native, 
 became the Captain of his own Hobie Cat,
and will have a very hard time returning to the Frozen Tundra {BYU} in the fall
put her newly acquired Scuba certification to use, 
counted every speed bump from here to Chichen Itza {82}
 and also made it through 5 whole chapters of A Separate Peace {private school girl}
 ate nothing but french fries and chocolate milk,
 made an Indian friend named Ethan, 
and swam for a minimum of 6 hours a day

It all looked a little something like this:

Love these two.
See you next year, same time same place??


  1. AHHH!!! Take me back! Thanks for posting, this is perfect! I shall post as well, but it will be 65% worse than your post. Love you!

  2. Looks like a great trip. We will you meet you down there next year too! :)

  3. shingles. are. you. kidding!?!?!? seriously looks like a dream!!!! glad y'all had fun!!! we miss you!

  4. Love this! You guys are the funnest family! I miss you all!


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