In The Bag

 I went to a baby shower a few weeks ago and we played this game where you earned points based on how many things you had off a certain list in your purse. Can I tell you it is hilarious the things you find yourself hauling places once you are a mom? Check out what we're carrying around.

The Church Bag: This is the straight up arsenal of equipment it takes us to survive one hour of Sacrament meeting every week. One hour! And sometimes we don't even make it!

Evan's Work Bag: The difference between men and women... There's like nothing in it. Computer, Ipad, lunch. The end. PS is it weird that it totally embarrasses me that he takes his lunch in a Walmart sack? We have reusable lunch boxes and paper lunch bags you know...

The Swim Bag: Maybe my favorite bag. I love everything in it. The smell of baby sunscreen, the towel with the fox hood, teeny tiny crocs {and heaven knows I do not love any other form of crocs}, our cooler lunch I pack around from splash pad to duck pond to parks every day. This bag is happiness.

The Gym Bag: Evan has started training for an Xterra triathlon, a mountain triathlon where you swim across a lake, mountain bike and then trail run. I have been telling him for years how fun it is to have an event to train for and I could not be more excited he's finally going to do a race! Its on September 20th though so hopefully baby girl waits around for that.

 My work bag: Old report sheets, bad-for-you snacks to help me make it through the 3 o clock hour, my Kindle which I pretty much never get to use but it makes me feel better to bring it... all the essentials.

But more importantly, guess what else is "in the bag"....


Acceptance to Purdue University for this guy!!!  

Oh what a journey this has been over the past two years, we could not be more thrilled/relieved/excited/nervous to start this adventure. Evan will begin his Masters of Education in Learning Design and Technology next month. He will still be teaching seminary full time at Lone Peak as well so luckily he can do pretty much everything online. This means lots of class and studying late for him, and lots of alone time for me. Uh... anyone want to hang out??


  1. Congrats about Purdue! I was excited to think that you were going to move to Indiana until I saw that it is an online program :(

  2. Congratulations!!! And you know I'm always up for hanging out!


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