A Better Christmas List

I remember as a kid looking through the Thanksgiving Day newspaper ads and circling all kinds of toys, clothes, music, etc and then compiling a wish list that I promptly handed over to my mom. My mom is a deal finding, stocking stuffing, gift giving guru who puts the real Mrs. Clause to shame. She has such a talent for gift giving and so its something I've come to equate with showing love. But as I've been thinking about what to get Winston and Cosette for Christmas this year I feel so much pressure to buy them "stuff" just for the sake of buying them stuff. And why? They aren't even asking me for it yet! I have been getting a bunch of junk mail from local banks and loan agencies reminding me that the holidays are here and I need to be prepared. Seriously? They want me to take out a loan for Christmas presents? Do people actually do that? I know my mom never did anything like that for our gifts, but in hindsight I sure hope I didn't pressure her with my ridiculous list! I wish I would have been a little less enchanted by the commercial jingles and glossy advertisements and a little more grateful for all of her effort to make our Christmas wishes come true. I've often heard of families using the rhyme "something I want, something I need, something to wear, and something to read" to help kids keep their Christmas lists realistic. I decided to make my own version for the little Foxes to use {when they're old enough} to remind them {and mostly me} that there is a lot more to our celebrations than just accumulating stuff. Let me know what you think!

P.S. We are also doing our Three Gifts for Christ tradition again this year, join us!


  1. I just printed off two of these lists for my kids, because they've been asking for ridiculous things, like "toy ponies that move around and sing." no joke. So yeah, we're definitely doing this list this year!


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