Cosette: 2 Months

 Happy two months little miss Cosette! You are the most precious little lady who must be in someones arms at all hours of the day or night. You love to be swaddled up in cozy blankets and snuggled( and cry any time we set you down). You even sleep in my arms all night long. Lucky for you, you're baby #2 not #1 so I've learned how fast you'll grow up and quit reading all the parenting advice that tells me not to let you in my bed or rock you to sleep because it'll spoil you. You're only my baby girl for so long and spoiling you is precisely what I want to do! You've graduated from premie clothes to newborn size and I will miss those miniature outfits, its incredible that anything can be alive that small! You still sleep the majority of the time which is nice for me because I'm chasing your big brother around non stop. You are a champion eater and it only takes you about 10 minutes but you are refusing to take a bottle so we're going to keep working on that. It has been so fun to watch you change, you have grown the longest most beautiful eyelashes and i just stare at them any chance I get. We're still not sure who you look like but people stop me at grocery stores and museums and parks just to ogle at how gorgeous you are and I always agree. You're happiest in the morning with your giant blue eyes open wide and little squeaks and smiles for anyone who'll talk to you. It's been quite the process to teach your brother the words "soft" and "gentle" but I think he's starting the get the concept.. you'll be best friends...eventually.

TBA... Drs appt next week

Sibling moments:

 Favorite Things:

Solly Baby Wrap- this thing has been SUPER handy since you always want to be held but I need my arms for cleaning or cooking or corralling your brother

Bows from " Ten Bear's Bowtique" and "Every Dot and Tiddle" on etsy



 Snow fall- Your Aunt Heather and I have a tradition where we go get hot chocolate to celebrate the first snow fall of winter. It's something you and I will continue and I'm so glad you got to join in with us this year!

 Friend- Miss Chloe Jensen... you'll be great little buddies


  1. AHHH! I want to SQUEEZE HER!!! Her lashes really are to DIE FOR! Thanks for posting...I obviously opened your blog immediately. :)


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