Taught Winston how to decorate cupcakes... he wasn't very good at it but he sure liked eating them :)

Carved our first pumpkin with Win, he was all about it until the top came off and he saw what was inside. The seeds freaked him out and he was done ha!

 Here's Evan's "costume" for work, they have to be in professional dress still so this is as creative as he could get. Winston dressed up to match dad and we went to hand out candy to his students.

 And then it was time to trick or treat! I seriously died the first time I put Winston in his costume, it completely melted my heart! He LOVES Mickey Mouse right now and I have to say this is the most adorable costume I've ever seen. My Grandma is brilliant, I mean the tails on the jacket? Stop, it's too much.
  We went down to Provo to trick or treat with the cousins and it was so much fun! They have an awesome neighborhood, there were the usual houses handing out candy, but there were houses who went above and beyond. There was a fire pit in one front yard where you could stop and make your own s'more, in another front yard they were "brewing" up homemade root beer, there were houses inviting you inside and giving out homemade donuts,  another with hot chocolate, another with kettle corn, it was just the friendliest place to be and I loved every minute.

Winston only made it about 10 houses, but big improvement from last year's 2!  He wanted to open and eat everything as he went, and I let him because come on you only have so many Halloweens in life where you get to do that! I had a cute Minnie Mouse beanie for Cosette to wear but she is still so small it just overwhelmed her head. Sorry little lady, we'll count next year as your first Halloween and make up for it.