A Giant's Party

We had a Giant's themed birthday party for Win this year! Unfortunately he wasn't feeling so hot on his birthday so he was kind of quiet and shy {obviously not himself!} but once his little cousins got there he warmed up. My cute mom found all kinds of cool decorations online and the house was just drenched in black and orange.
I have a list on my phone of traditions I want to do for my kids to make their birthdays special without spending a fortune. They are just simple things like having everyone say something they love about them around the dinner table or putting a towel animal on their bed for bath time like they do on cruise ships {I have always thought that was so cool! Anyone else?}. Winston doesn't really appreciate towel animals yet but my very favorite tradition is one I started with him last year, the birthday book. On his birthday he gets a new book for his bedtime story, this year it was "The Night Before Baseball at the Park by the Bay" and we also used it as a guest book at his party so he can look back and see how loved he was even from the time he was a tiny little boy.
My mother-in-law has a secret talent that I have heard stories about but finally got to see in action this year! She offered to make Winston's birthday cake and it was AMAZING, thank you Marilyn!

This picture cracks me up, all the kids licking their cheeto fingers!

I was so glad so much of the Fox family got to be here for his party, they are the only ones who could truly appreciate the Giant's theme.

One of my favorite gifts Winston got, a song book from the 1940's that my Grandma grew up with. She used it with her kids, my dad taught the songs to us, and now we sing them to Winston! If you've never heard "Jumbo Elephant" come over to our house for family night one week, you're in for a treat!

Love my little birthday boy. Happy 2!


  1. Kamille! I love that song book, My mom used to play and sing those songs to us, and now I sing them to my kids. We can do Jumbo Elephant, Pitter Pat and Choo-Choo-Choo with the best of them:) So fun!

  2. The whole thing is perfect! Love that little 2 yr old!!


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