Just for laughs

There is one thing I absolutely completely and totally despise about winter. Today has consisted of:
  • 6 wardrobe changes
  • An internet search for "vomit cleaner for couches"
  • and entirely too much Toy Story 2
Two babies with the stomach flu, needless to say I could use a laugh. Here are some recent memories I giggled about as I broke open the Clorox Wipes and laundry stain remover and went to town:

  •  On New Year's Eve, we stayed up until 2am, ended up sharing one bed between the 4 of us, and then had a 10 hour drive home the next morning. In an effort to wake up for my driving shift and to not feel so sick about all the seven layer dip I was still trying to digest, I searched "road trip work out" and Pinterest did not disappoint. Evan tolerated this until I started fogging up the windshield. But seriously it was a good workout!

  •   When Evan got hired to teach seminary we knew he would be wearing a white shirt and tie every day so we invested in shirts from Nordstrom, people swore to us they'd last him forever. We're at two and a half years and he sits down at work one morning, put his elbows on the desk, and promptly sent me this text! 
  • Our ward moved to the 1 o'clock time slot for the year which is obviously Winston's nap time so making it through church is all kinds of a struggle. This particular Sunday Winston insisted on bringing his "Giant's paper" in to Sacrament {anyone sensing a theme here...}so Evan figured if it keeps him quiet, why not? As church begins we hear laughter in the rows behind us because Winston is waving his paper around showing it off. Evan takes a closer look at the thing and turns out it's also a Budweiser ad. Ha! Oops.


  1. You DID NOT tell me about the car workout you did!! I AM LAUGHING SO HARD RIGHT NOW!!!

  2. oh I am belly laughing sorry at your expense but that is hilarious....


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