On Paper

Technology is truly fantastic. Being married to a man getting his masters degree in the field, I am well aware of the benefits. We love it! I've got apps for checking news, reading books, coloring, sending birthday cards, I could go on and on and on. There's an app or digital version for literally every single thing you might do in life, but sometimes it's nice to just put a real pen to actual paper.

My little Giant's fanatic found an old newspaper in Dad's bedside drawer and sat down for a good read.

I bought this calander yesterday to get some plans scheduled out. Before I got a chance to finish, Winston left me a very fitting reminder of what I'll actually be doing every single day anyway!

Got the sweetest note in the mail this week from a family who sat behind us in church. Thanks for understanding and encouraging the chaos of our little ones!


  1. Sweetest note ever! We need more of that woman in the world!


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