Cosette: 8 Months

Gosh I love this stage! Cosette has mastered sitting up on her own and is officially crawling as of this week. After three days of crawling she started pulling up on things too! She's finally starting to grow some hair although it's darker around the back so she totally rocks the mullet/ male pattern balding thing. She's uber attached to Mommy and won't let anyone else hold her if I'm in sight, but as long as she can't see me, you're good. She reaches up and pats my face every time she's nursing and she loves to give big slobbery kisses that are to die for. Often she wants to take her afternoon naps cuddled with me in my bed although she's finally getting on a good schedule in her own crib. Poor girl had a sinus infection for about three weeks so that threw a wrench in the sleep training plan but we're back on track now after some antibiotics. Cosette is obsessed with her big brother and they squeal and shriek at each other in delight constantly. It's pretty fun but also really hurts my ears. People most often describe her as "dainty" and "delicate" although if you've ever seen her eat you might reconsider. Girlfriend can put down some serious strawberries or black bean enchiladas. 



Shopping cart ride

{not sure why I found this so entertaining but she kept doing it before she figured out how to crawl. We'll be workout buddies some day.}

Diapers: Size 2
Clothes: mostly size 3-6 months, we're breaking out the 6-12 months just now.
Weight: She weighed 13 lbs 8 oz when we went in for her sinus infection at 7 months 

Favorite things
Anything on a string- which is most often Mommy's necklace.

"Sliky"- her tiny satin blanket that puts her right to sleep when she rubs her face in it

Sibling moments: 
 I often have Mommy guilt over Cosette, when Winston was her age he got 100% of my attention. Now that he's 2 1/2 he definitely requires 100% of my attention and Cosette is often just along for the ride. One of my friends told me that while Winston was lucky to get all my attention, Cosette is luckier because she gets the love of a sibling and that's so true. Winston ADORES her and wants her with him in his room or in the basement wherever he is playing. He's always trying to make her laugh or telling her to "Dance Cozy Mae!"