Girl time

 I waited 11 long years for a sister...and then when I got one, I realized I would have to wait a whole lot longer before we could do real sister stuff together. Fast forward fifteen years and we can finally talk about boys and share clothes and take cheesy pictures together and this girl was so worth the wait! She came to play with me and the kids while my Mom went to Mexico with her friends. Impeccable timing as it happened to fall on the busiest week of Evan's Master's degree to date. Then Mom came to join in on our party too, because that's what she does! I know I say this every time, but I really do I dream of living in an alternate universe someday where Pennsylvania and Utah aren't thousands of miles apart. Until then I'll just keep scrolling through these pictures.

 Guess which pictures Sam took and which ones are mine.... apparently everything looks better slanted? She teaches me life skills like snapchat tricks and how to Whip and Nae Nae. I teach her the chemistry behind putting eggs in brownies and which high school mistakes are worth making and which ones aren't.

 Cousin Date Night to  the temple and Cafe Rio!

 Visiting one of our favorite boutiques, Twirl.

Playing in Park City

 Mimi introduced Win to Doritos...

 Singing "Have You Ever Ridden In a Motor Boat?" over and over and over...

 Fun at Strawberry Days with friends and fam :)

Thanks for spoiling us over and over.


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