July 4th

 America, Sweet Land of Liberty! Oh how I love this holiday and everything is symbolizes. Some day when my children are grown with families of their own I will claim this weekend as mine and they'll all be required to return and celebrate with me because it is my very very favorite. We rounded up some friends and played a game of neighborhood wiffle ball Thursday night (sans waffles this year unfortunately). Friday we spent the day soaking up the fresh air and frigid mountain water at Tibble Fork Reservoir. What a glorious backyard American Fork Canyon has turned out to be.

 Best friends wear matching hats and eat rocks together.

 Donuts in the car on the way to the parade... and no picture of the parade because our children were thoroughly unimpressed. Every parade I think, oh Winston is finally old enough he'll really like this... and then he's like Mom this is lame. Has technology ruined him? Or are local junior miss beauty queens and high school bands just really not impressive and maybe I should indulge him in his apathy? I'm just saying it feels unpatriotic not to attend!
 Luckily the pool was a hit as well as Bam Bam's BBQ (whatever you're making for dinner tonight, throw it out and go to Bam Bams instead. I'll be awaiting your thank-you card.) because fireworks were kinda iffy as well.

 Poppers were a go but the sparklers resulted in fear and tears and everyone crying that they might get burned. Life is tough when you're a tiny human!

 Rich and Marilyn spoiled us with tickets to Stadium of Fire-- it was everything I have anticipated it would be for the past 8 years of watching from the outside. So much fun and so inspiring... it really makes you believe in your country again. (HUGE thanks to Kara for babysitting!!!)

An entire weekend of partying left this boy passed out on the chapel pew for a solid 2 hours and 45 minutes. How could we wake that sweet little face?


  1. Those lame pictures !!! There view is amazing! I love the 4th too, the only holiday where everyone is celebrating their love for America despite any differences in beliefs. It's so awesome. And donuts


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